Obama Presidential Escape

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Obama Presidential EscapeIn Obama Presidential Escape, a terrorist group lead by the fearsome BagHead has kidnapped the most important world leader : Obama! BagHead demands the release of all imprisoned criminals around the world in a 24-hour deadline or the president will be executed… Have fun!

Obama Presidential Escape walkthrough in comment #9 (thanks Chris!).

Obama Presidential Escape video walkthroughs in comments #10 and #11 (thanks itsjustanaccount and Tasselfoot!).

By Eric

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60 Comments to Obama Presidential Escape

  1. Swisschocolate says:

    Hey guys:)

    Can you help me, please:)

    I killed all of the terrorists, i got the bike with ET in it and now I have no idea what to do:(

    I need your help, please:)

  2. lana reid says:

    i am stuck as well lols and i don’t know the cell phone number as well :( do one of you guys know the cell phone number? and if you do that would be a great help thanks!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gago says:

    when you have the alien in the bike call Trinity and you choose the 3rd option and then you can drive the bike :)

  4. jon says:

    I can’t find the phone

    • Katherine says:

      this is what your gonna do turn off the switch then in your inventory click on the lantern the black board click that then there are arrows there memorize it go to the safe then enter what you just memorize

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