Obama Versus Aliens

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Obama Versus AliensAfter Obama Presidential Escape, here is Obama Versus Aliens, the second Point’n’Click adventure game in the series created by inkagames. Some evil aliens have abducted the last panda bear family living on Earth. Help Obama to rescue them and defeat the aliens! Have fun!

Obama Versus Aliens walkthrough (thanks fiddle_and_herman!)

By Eric

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68 Comments to Obama Versus Aliens

  1. Lala says:

    what do mean amended poster?

  2. fkosd says:

    Doesn’t work, the blue alien keeps telling me that it’s just a poster from a movie :(

    • andrew says:

      well remember the scissor you collected from the soccer filed?well combine it with the picture so it looks like a photo instead of a movie picture it it doesnt work im sorry

    • alicia says:

      u have to cut the poster with the sisers

  3. Connor says:

    never mind. i got it.

  4. Crystal says:


  5. matt says:

    harry where do u live
    in india?
    tell me

  6. sacha says:

    i have 2 admit these Obama games R awesome

  7. arehman baig says:

    thank you mr.andrew

  8. kenneth says:

    how do i get the metor

  9. jake says:

    How do you get past alien and predator after you fly the ship?