S-Kape 2

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S-Kape 2S-Kape 2S-Kape 2 is the sequel to S-Kape, a Room Escape game from phr4nz aka Angry Cow.

“This game is creepy. You wake up trapped in an abandoned hospital and all you have to do is to escape.

It’s not that easy, though. You have to beat many nasty puzzles in various environments. However, since this is not an action game but a puzzle-adventure, you can’t die and time isn’t limited.

If you are really observant, you might find several mind blowing easter eggs.”

I agree with the author: S-Kape 2 is not an easy game at all!

Have fun!

S-Kape 2 video walkthrough (thanks Greggy Boy!)

By Eric

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  1. Smiley =) says:




  2. Smiley =) says:

    Finally s-kaped =)

  3. Samii says:

    lol I almost got through all of the keys on the wall before I actually found the real one on Show

  4. Random Persona says:

    Code for the door in the room with the dead soldiers:Show

    And for the lazy one’s, it’s just: Show

  5. Sonya says:

    Okay…. I am stuck in the lab. I found the key in the sink, opened the cupboard, and did the thing with the paper….. now what do I do? I have been clicking like crazy on the periodic table, but NOTHING. Someone please help me, pretty please.

  6. Gunstar Red says:

    Sonya: Here’s a tip. Show

    Now for the solution if you aaaabsolutely must. because the tip made it pretty obvious. e.e;


  7. Gammer says:

    Hey, but you don´t have to guess where 1A 2O and 2P are: Show

    That´s all.

  8. EEaasstteerr EEggggss says:

    I think I found all easter eggs!
    Easter egg 1: Show

    Easter egg 2: Show

    Easter egg 3: Show

    And if you find another egg, please tell me!