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S-KapeS-Kape is a Room “S-Kape” game posted by phr4nz on Deviantart in August 2007. You are trapped in a 20 room house and your only goal is to get out of here. 20 rooms for the price of one: it sounds like a good deal for all escape lovers! Have fun!

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Update: S-Kape walkthrough in comment #27 (thanks Angemima!) 

By Eric

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143 Comments to S-Kape

  1. Sarina says:

    Please I need help, i’m in the office and i did everything what everybody is saying, but nothing happened.. should i press enter or something else? because i typed password_ and have no idea what to do next… please can somebody help me?

  2. mantice says:

    oh my god so so so so anoying i hate the last bit the pass changes every i hate it it took my ages!!!!!

  3. gutspilla says:

    it wont let me use wKtt8 aw (this password)

  4. gutspilla says:

    sarina us space for the wKtt8 aw i didnt do that but it might work

  5. gutspilla says:

    use not us

  6. Missla says:

    I’m starting to get the feeling that the pillar room has a bug. I’ve done:

    r..|..r..|..r ……r..|..r..|..r

    and nothing happens :(

  7. billy says:

    how do u get out of the buther room

  8. Hodge22 says:

    I think the password for the blow up door is Show

    but I don’t know if it changes everytime!!!!!!

  9. Yazijazi says:

    For the pillar room:

  10. Kingcool says:

    I lit all the lights except 1,2,4,8,16 and the door didn’t open. What am i doing wrong!!!!!!!!! plzzzz help me!

  11. BRICK ROOM!!!!!!!!! says:

    DUDE! wth…”top area of the second board from the left”????????

  12. BRICK ROOM!!!!!!!!! says:

    got it…nvm. the board meaning the FLOOR board. shoulda said that…

  13. .tif. says:

    !!!.BLAST DOOR CODE.!!!


    • Chris says:

      The blast dooe code changes every game, my question is where do you start to get numbers I have had 10m numbers by going around cog bur cant find any more

  14. lewis says:

    whats the password for the laptop 2nd part plzzz

  15. guy says:

    how you get past marble room

  16. Confused blonde says:

    I dont get it…how do you get outa the pillar room???? I’ve been at this for hours!

  17. SUPAHMINDMAN says:

    WOOT!!! i finished blast room was fun… ok im tired…my brain hurts

  18. Amy says:

    This is my first walkthrough so good luck!


    Hope you enjoyed the game (and my walkthrough)

    • Anonymous says:

      the thing with the red-green buttons is binaries, smartkid :P.
      1011011 is 91 in binaries x)

  19. help i cant get out of room 8 its hard help

  20. Dani_e152003 says:

    yeaa im having the same problem with the marble room!! i think iv turned all the right sections grey but nothing happens!!
    do you have to click something afterwards or should the door just open automatically?

  21. Magdalene says:

    i hate you stupid stupid game with no ****** logic, it was just a bless from heaven that somebody made a walkthrough. he seems to be an alien.so smart.bright and shining. thank you guys. please ERASE THIS GAME from the network space.

  22. jake says:

    how do you get to the tabel?

  23. poophead says:

    the room aftr the gallery, wht do u do

  24. mr. king of the world says:

    the library wit one book,wht does 758 mean

    • Anonymous says:

      same thing, I didnt use 758 either anywhere….. as far as I can remember

      (thats the code on the book somewhere in a bookcase where there is only 1 red/brownish book, the odyssee/ilias)

  25. plopmong says:

    how do you open the door in room 1 i put the code in but it doesnt open

  26. Click Escapes R Awesome! says:

    I keep entering the numbers on the post-it like the walkthrough says and nothing is happening…

  27. kenyari says:

    in stuck at the beginning

  28. PLUG says:

    The code for the first door is Show

  29. selliott97 says:

    hi guys how do u touch the right tiles?

  30. alec says:

    how do u press tiles in room 3 with tv

  31. honeybear says:

    wat is the first thing u do

  32. honeybear says:

    Wat do u do after u snip the wire

  33. honeybear says:

    someone please tell me

  34. ninjaplayer3000 says:

    The piller room is anoying i try the same blast thing every time but it doen’t work WTF?!?!

  35. jay says:

    i need to get past room 7

  36. Declan says:

    This will be a little help for the guys with some trouble, just(finally finished the game =D)


    I hope this helped for the ones in trouble and please reply on me, i like to see when i helped someone ;)

  37. OneLogicMind says:

    i can’t stop thinking this game is dumb. there is no logic in his mind, only that you must try strange things and maybe you get it. could have been even a pixel hunt, it’s the same.

    Thank you for the walkthrough, after reading this room i quit playing the game. it’s so senseless that it hurts my head :)


  38. natasha says:

    omg last game is massive blagggggggggg be very patient!!! lol

  39. Kenny says:

    I am on room 13 i need help getting out of this room

  40. Kenny says:

    is there’s anyone who can help with room 13