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GenGenGen is the latest physics-based skill puzzle game created by Eugene Karataev.

All of your precious little spheres have been scattered far from the safety of the main sphere.

Attract and guide them safely to the light blue sphere throughout 20 levels of increasing difficulty.

Don’t make them touch red surfaces.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


43 Comments to Gen

  1. tihana says:

    magnexit is a pain in the ###….

  2. Irid says:

    Tihana: Show

    Anyone got some help with squares?

  3. Crool says:

    stuck at level 13!
    Irid, which level do you mean?

  4. jeep says:

    stuck already at 3rd level. what am i suppose to do. they are just stuck at that lower left corner thingy

  5. jeep says:

    never mind. i figured it out,


  6. Irid says:

    Crool, I’m at level 14

  7. Crool says:

    Hi Irid, I’m still stuck at 13, how did you do 13 with green balls pushing them away?

  8. Irid says:

    Crool, look at what I told Tihana, that’s the same level. You Show

  9. Crool says:

    Irid, thx!! That’s why I managed to get one before, now I have 7 of 8, grrr ;)

  10. Irid says:

    In level 14 I now managed to get 10 out of fifteen into the blue. Now try again to hopefully get fifteen next time. Horrible level ;)

  11. Crool says:

    Still don’t get the last in it…

  12. Crool says:

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  13. Crool says:

    they just tried variorus attacks in amsterdam

  14. Crool says:

    yes finaly in level 14, thx Irid!

  15. Crool says:

    collected 13 out of 15 in level 14 :(

  16. Irid says:

    How did you do that? It took me half an hour to get just to the ten.

  17. Crool says:

    Yes up to level 15

    for level 14 Show

  18. Crool says:

    level 16 is a very easy one, fine for a change ;)

  19. Irid says:

    Still stuck at 14, can’t get past 13, time for bed ;)

  20. Crool says:

    Irid, you have to do it very fast after you put the squares still on the middle of the left side. seem as you told me for 13 ;)
    Good night, sleep well, and don’t dream about the cells and virus hahaha :)

  21. Crool says:

    Finaly made it to the end… pffff, was a hard one to figure out (some of the levels)

  22. Crool says:

    Tried 14 again, got 16 of 25, ANOTHER TIP (level 14): when you pull them fast, pull them a little bit through the upper helft of the fist green ball and through the bottom left of the second green ball and correct them than immediately UP (by the second green ball, I mean). Make sure you pull them fast enough.

  23. stass says:

    i stuck at level 3 what i have to do?

  24. Rebby says:

    I’m stuck on level 11

    <_< It’s mean

  25. Crool says:

    Stass, infect the bottom yellow cell with the virus, the other cells will be free than.

    Rebby, just try to pull little groups of yellow cells to the blue cell. Try where the cells atract at your cell. Tip, make your own cell blue before moving around, otherwise it will atract the yellow cells at a wrong moment.

  26. Katt says:

    Level 10 is killer….
    yikes! every time i try to move a group of cells, i get more than i bargained for and then they all die. =/ the most i’ve gotten to the blue cell so far is 9…of 13.
    meh. =’/

  27. Katt says:

    my fault, i meant level 11.

  28. Crool says:

    Katt, LEVEL 11: try first the 3 who are the nearst to the blue cel. Than make your own cell blue (left clicking mouse), so that he won’t atract cells anymore. Move your cell on the bottom left of the red round virus. Than activate the atract of your cell again. Now bring these 2 cells to the blue one. Deactivate again and move your cell to the right top of this view, activate again and all the other cells to right up. Than move these cells slowly to the blue cell (go on the right site down first).

  29. Crool says:

    Katt, EDIT to LEVEL 11: forgot the 6 cell after the first 3, than 2, than the one under the highest red virus on the right, and than the rest. For the on under the highest red virus on the right, also deactivat first than move slowly to the bottom round virus on the left site of the bottom (a little bit to the middle) than activate, be sure your cell is not to high, because it will atract than also the other cells.

    Hope these two comments makes sence :)

  30. Katt says:

    thanks Crool =)
    i’ve successfully gotten through the level!
    helpful indeed.

  31. milenko says:

    stuck at lvl 19. name’s really hard.
    so say we all….

  32. Katt says:

    i think it’s safe to say that i hate level 14.
    i’ve read how to “win” the level,
    but i can’t execute it, at least not now. my very first try (before i’d read anything), i got like 9 through. and now the most i can get is three….

  33. Reka says:

    They really need to make levels skippable – I’m heartily sick and tired of level 14, but I can’t get more than 12 to the finish.

  34. Katt says:

    I definitely agree!
    still haven’t passed 14…
    my highest- all time – was 10, so my hat’s off to you, Reka!

  35. Kondr says:

    Cant beat 19 … pfff

  36. Kondr says:

    Arghh i collected 8/9 at lvl 19!!!

  37. Kondr says:

    I ve just completed the game :)

  38. Gen- plz Help says:

    On LVL 13 I can get all but one. I keep doing the same thing (momentum), but it wont work! :'(

  39. Koneko says:

    Lvl 14, And I managed to get 21 orbs in ^^

  40. tom says:

    got it to level 14, sucks

  41. Kt says:

    I cannot get past level 17. Help!

  42. lucy says:

    how do you get past level 13 im stuck on it

  43. prakruthi says:

    im stuck in 14 th level i tried the way crool said but still not able to im going crazy i some how want to complete it plz help me