Octopussie Escape

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Octopussie EscapeAfter a long hiatus, FreakinRooms has finally released a new Room Escape game, Octopussie Escape! “You are locked in a room with a cute octopussie. Search the room for items and hints and get octopussie to help you with your escape from this Freakin’ Room!” Have fun!

By Eric

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64 Comments to Octopussie Escape

  1. Crool says:

    YW Lou!

  2. carm says:

    I finally seen the nubers. I have a flat screen and if you look upclose and sideways you can see the numbers. Thanks

  3. ff04ooe says:

    walkthrough: Show

  4. wallrus says:

    :| Wont let me use knife or hammer, spider wont go in hole aaaahh :|
    HELP? Show

  5. jessica honeysticks says:

    To ffoo4ooe Thank you so much for explaining it no one else would you saved my life!!!!!

  6. Game Man says:

    move painting from spiders postition to end as spider moves. when painting stops, spider will go down and up in2 hole

  7. jj says:

    thanks for all the help

  8. big sis says:

    i cant see the numbers on the fish tank

  9. prathik says:

    please a walkthrough please.

  10. prathik says:

    in octopussie room go to the 2 room in up side there is a spider click on it

  11. loz says:

    yay im out!
    i read ur guys coments and got out!

  12. Jojo says:

    You have to change the brighness of your screen if you can’t read the code in the dark

  13. Madeline says:

    It wont let me click the freakin button under the angry cat pik!!!

  14. Zoey says:

    I don’t understand the sentence on the wall. which beast you have to kill? i’m ready with the game, but i don’t kill any beast :D