FGN Resume to normal?

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Just a quick update to inform you that I’m working on the site again to better serve FreeGamesNews visitors. The new layout is similar to the previous one, but I decide to keep the content on the left side of the site, for a better/faster experience.

Please let me know if you spot anything wrong.

Thanks for your patience!

Edit: the server is still having problems, so the default theme is back


15 Comments to FGN Resume to normal?

  1. Reka says:

    You have “float drop” in IE6 again.

    How was your vacation?

  2. Eric says:

    Ahhh! I hate IE6: forgot to check that! I will try to fix it asap.
    My vacation was great, thanks, but way too short!

  3. Eric says:

    It should be ok now.

  4. Unowninator says:

    Hey Eric; ever since the site’s layout got messed up, the {“Insert Spoiler Tags”} button has been missing. Could you please bring it back? Thanks.

  5. Unowninator says:

    Oops. I accidentally hit the “Submit Comment” button twice. My bad.

  6. Unowninator says:

    Also, you know how you used to be able to see the comment number of a certain post? That’s also missing. :(

  7. Eric says:

    @ Unowninator. I will try to put back the Insert Spoiler Tags button soon. Sorry about that.

  8. Mimi says:

    Eric, just wanted to say thanks for the many hours of fun you provide!

  9. Unowninator says:

    It’s okay, it’s not your fault. Things happen sometimes.

  10. geez says:

    yay I can still leave coments!

  11. Unowninator says:

    ^ ?

  12. Nicop says:

    great to see you (and your design) again after some vacation! :)

  13. Eric says:

    @Mimi – Thanks for your support! It helps a lot these days!
    @Unowninator – I’m still looking for what is causing troubles during peak times: I know problems are on my side (default theme works fine), but can’t figure out what’s wrong (I rebuilt the current theme using the default one!) :(
    Comment numbers were useful, yes, but they are gone for now (not easy to implement with the current WordPress version)…

  14. Anonymouse says:

    FYI: I’ve got a comment awating moderation, even though I had just posted a comment and the ones after worked fine- Is it because of the web address??

  15. Eric says:

    @Anonymouse – Yes, all comments including an URL are held for moderation so I can manually delete spam not caught by filters. It’s a pain in the ass, I know, but this site receives a lot of spams, and I have no other option.