Magic Pen 2

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Magic Pen 2Magic Pen 2If you enjoyed playing Magic Pen last year, you will be pleased to learn that the author, Alejandro Guillen, has put the final touch to Magic Pen 2!

The goal in this sequel remains unchanged: you draw shapes that are affected by gravity, friction and inertia. Make clever use of their momentum to collect the flags with the red ball/square. To do so, draw objects in such a way that they push the ball in the desired direction.

With improved graphics (thanks to Luis Brenes) and 32 new levels, no doubt you will love it!

Have fun!

Play Magic Pen 1

Magic Pen 2 video walkthrough!

(thanks justanaccount!)

By Eric

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15 Comments to Magic Pen 2

  1. Unowninator says:


    And how do I beat Level 7?! I’ve tried almost everything!

  2. Mary says:


  3. Crool says:

    @unowninator, I made a picture of it, how I solved level 7, The I replaced a several times the swinging bar the smash the square.
    If you click on my name, you can see the picture. Good luck

  4. justanaccount says:

    Damn, this one is way harder than the last one. I started making a video walkthrough, but got stuck on level 15. Any suggestions?

  5. Unowninator says:

    Can I see your video walkthrough please? Maybe I can help after seeing how to beat the other levels.

  6. Unowninator says:

    Wait a minute; I AM also stuck on Level 15 too. *facepalm* I stopped paying attention to the level number, so…

  7. justanaccount says:

    Alright, I have every level except 23, 24, 29, 31, and 32. I’ll work on getting those today, as well as editing the movie files and putting them up on youtube. Viewer beware though, some of my solutions are pretty sloppy. Expect them up later today.

  8. justanaccount says:

    Here is the video for levels 1-14.
    I am currently uploading 15-19, and have solved and recorded everything except levels 23 and 24. I am currently editing the footage and hopefully will have them all uploaded by the end of today. Also, I hope to solve levels 23 and 24 and upload those as well.

  9. justanaccount says:

    Video walkthroughs:
    Levels 1-14
    Levels 15-19
    Levels 20-25
    Levels 26-32

    Enjoy! By the way, often these are not the easiest solutions. Sorry! They are all I could come up with!

  10. Argh, must resist urge to just watch Justanaccount’s videos before putting in a proper effort myself.

  11. Christiana says:

    I made it up to level 22 , but still working on it!

  12. tehehe says:

    how do you beat level 8? ive tried everything!!

  13. Ollie says:

    I got stock on level 5! But heres how i solved it. Show

  14. allijah says:

    I need help on level 7!!!

  15. bradlyn chasteen says:

    my friend does seth i am bradlyn need help on level 7