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NeliNurkNeliNurkNeliNurk is another short but very interesting puzzle released by Tonypa two years ago on his website.

The object of the game here is to locate four tiles of the same color in an 8 x 8 playfield such that they form a rectangle or a square. Click on each tile representing a corner of your rectangle to remove them from the playfield. Every tile located above the removed corner tiles slide down, to “fill the holes”.

When there are no more tiles in the upper row, two new rows of tiles fall down from the top of the screen to fill the playfield.

Each time you complete a new rectangle, the number of tiles contained in the rectangle is added to your score and a bar located below the playfield fills up. Once the bar is full, it turns red and the first red tiles appear randomly from the top of the playfield to increase the difficulty.

The game ends when you can’t find any more set of four identical tiles to form a new rectangle.

After a few games, you will understand that there are only two ways to play NeliNurk: you can just select the first set of tiles you find and proceed to the next step, or you can search deeper trying to avoid dead ends configurations. It’s your choice, but don’t expect to play more than five minutes without any strategy. Have fun!

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