Totem Destroyer 2

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Totem Destroyer 2Totem Destroyer 2Good news for physics based game fans, Totem Destroyer 2 is live!

This sequel to Totem Destroyer designed by Gabriel Ochsenhofer includes over 100 brand new levels, a nice ending and a level editor!

Your mission remains unchanged: destroy the totems without letting Tot and his friends, the golden Idols, fall into the ground. Click a block with your mouse to make it disappear and use balance to keep the idols up.

Totem Destroyer 2
is “bigger, better and more badass” Gabriel said. I do agree with him!

Have fun!

Totem Destroyer 2 video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.11


35 Comments to Totem Destroyer 2

  1. Ciria says:

    yeeeee! let’s go! … love totem destroyer ^^

  2. Tomorrow, I'll be you says:

    I love these games too!!!

  3. help! says:

    having trouble with level 10

  4. vanni ogg says:

    23 ist killing me! any help??

  5. vanni ogg says:

    upps, too late here. meant 34

  6. sdas says:

    level 11 help

  7. sushi says:

    any help in 28, i can help in the levels before

  8. Rick says:

    If anybody needs help with lvl 19 or less, please ask me!

  9. Rick says:

    with lvl 11 you just have to let pop the dynamite box at the top
    you are welcome XD

  10. jordan okeefe says:

    level 33 help plz

  11. Unowninator says:

    Wait a minute! This game has 100 levels?! I only have 50! (after I beat Level 50, I got a cutscene and the credits). Am I missing something?

  12. Unowninator says:

    Also, does anyone know the cheat codes that are on this game?

  13. Reka says:

    There’s waaay too much luck involved in these new levels. Don’t like it.

  14. Toxic says:

    Reka, I agree with u :-/

  15. Toxic says:

    Level 37 Show

  16. dingo says:

    level 19??????

  17. vanni ogg says:

    played the 4th day! how many levels are there??
    I do agree with you too, reka. sometimes did the same thing 6 or 7 times and then it works. I don’t like this game, but I can’t stop ;-)

  18. NetMonster says:

    Does anyone know what you have to do to unlock new levels? I have beaten everything and I only have 5 “unlocked”.

  19. Joe Mama says:

    Level 31!? CAN’T BEAT!

  20. vanni ogg says:

    every day I come and check if anybody has an idea abou level 50. I swear I tried it 1000000 times

  21. tom says:


  22. Biggs says:

    Lol completed this and the Secret achievement.

  23. Aaron says:

    Any help 4 level 6. I figured it out January 5th 2009, but now I forgot. Plz, plz help!

  24. Aaron says:

    Vanni Ogg I can’t beat level 6. So I have no clue about level 50

  25. Aaron says:

    If you can’t beat a level check http/ sorry my computer didn’t put “can’t” in.

  26. Aaron says:

    beat level 6

  27. Aaron says:

    half way there

  28. Aaron says:

    Level 28 any hints

  29. Aaron says:

    C’mon any hints for level 28

  30. PM says:

    Level 28: Show

    Level 50: Show

  31. L.Fantasy says:

    gaaahhh……NEED HELP ON LEVEL 50!!!!

  32. Me says:

    Whats the secret of the logo???

  33. Torisutan says:

    Anyone could help me with level 31 plz thankx

  34. Robi says:

    help level 6

  35. Lurch says:

    OMG Mad!!! love totem destroyer I and II Just finished II Good lord addicting… Waiting for III I guess… 50 was over the top!!!