Totem Destroyer

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Totem DestroyerTotem DestroyerTotem Destroyer is a new physics based game designed by Gabriel Ochsenhofer.

Your mission here is to destroy the totems without letting Tot, the golden Idol, fall into the ground. Click a block with your mouse to make it disappear and use balance to keep Tot up.

Totem Destroyer
is a very fun game, with a nice music, good graphics and a great concept. With a level editor and more levels, it would be even better.

Have fun!

Totem Destroyer video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


17 Comments to Totem Destroyer

  1. Fallen says:

    Awesome game, takes a little patience sometimes, but very fun.

  2. Jerre says:

    Finished, cool game
    some of the 25 levels seem impossible,
    mostly luck came to my aid ^^

  3. attt says:

    Cool gane but way too easy…
    Hope for more levels to come^^

  4. Vanni_Ogg says:

    stuck at 24! need help!

  5. Vanni_Ogg says:

    got them all! wow that was hard and fun!

  6. rosita says:

    fun game needs more levels!

  7. JJ says:

    need help on 16

  8. Martin :D says:

    More luck than skill for me on some levels (ahem) but I agree, bring on more levels! Great game.

  9. Marcel says:

    what are the cheats?

  10. Anonymous says:

    What’s going on? When I tried to play random images from the starting page started flashing, and the whole thing went black! Is it my computer, or is something wrong with the game?

  11. Blob says:

    What are the cheats?

  12. Blob says:

    Hello! Found ’em [the cheats]!


    By the way: This does not work on mac :(

  13. Blob says:

    sry, that first one was sicktot

  14. Whee says:

    Game gots more interest while making all achievements (No cheas!)
    I tried it and made it =P

  15. NetMonster says:

    I liked DUI better, this one is buggy. Very often it breaks something I didn’t click as my mouse goes over it.

    Anyway, looks like I got some achievements… where can I see them?

  16. NetMonster says:

    Nevermind, saw it :)

  17. Rae( Rp) says:

    OMG I finished it!! YaY!