Strawberry Escape (Plus)

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Strawberry Escape (Plus)After Pumpkin Escape, Mushroom Escape and Bean Escape, here is Strawberry Escape, a new Room Escape game from StrawberryCafe (Heart Escape 2, Escape from Straberry Room, Escape of Kitten “Narsa”). A strawberry in a StrawberryCafe’s game? What a surprise! Have fun!

Update: Strawberry Escape (Plus) walkthrough in comment#20 (thanks Sol!)

By Eric

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25 Comments to Strawberry Escape (Plus)

  1. jo says:

    how do you defrost the ice strawberry?

  2. jo says:

    dont worry! done it!

  3. jo says:

    ok now i’m stuck on the cupboard! lol.

  4. jo says:


  5. jo says:

    horay! i am out!!!

  6. sue says:

    please whats thecode to the fridge

  7. SuzieGirl64 says:

    I got out with Addition end.

    Anyone find other endings?

  8. SuzieGirl64 says:


  9. SuzieGirl64 says:

    Happy End

  10. Hermann says:

    How do you get the 10th berry, which still isnt ripe?

  11. Hermann says:

    oh nevermind. Show

  12. Josie says:

    how do i melt the ice cube with the strwberry??

  13. Josie says:

    nvm… i did it

  14. Josie says:

    someone playing???… I NEED A KEY!!!!….

  15. Sol says:

    Still there, Josie?
    The gold or the silver one?

  16. Josie says:

    hello!!!!! plis help!!
    I have a silver key with a red dot!

  17. Sol says:

    Gonna post a walkthrough in a few minutes (still writing it).
    It’s said at the end of step 2.

  18. Josie says:

    ok Sol… thanx!!!

  19. Sol says:

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

  20. SuzieGirl64 says:

    What the ordering code does: Show

  21. goldie says:

    Happy End.

  22. kendall says:

    what is the code to the fridge?

  23. Madi says:

    the clock time/frige code is Show

  24. hoshinamino says:

    i got addition end lol.