Mushroom Escape

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Mushroom EscapeAfter Pumpkin Escape, here is Mushroom Escape, a new Room Escape game from StrawberryCafe (Heart Escape 2, Escape from Straberry Room, Escape of Kitten “Narsa”). Collect balls and escape from this cute little Mush-room! Have fun!

Update: Mushroom Escape walkthrough in comment #33 (thanks Snowman!)

By Eric

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41 Comments to Mushroom Escape

  1. Bob T says:

    I was needing a new one…

  2. ROSITA says:

    i am soo stuck!

  3. Mila says:

    I have Show

    Now stuck

  4. Bob T says:

    me too… i can’t get de key on the window…

  5. Mila says:

    I have made a Show

  6. Mila says:

    Me neither

  7. Bob T says:

    Mila Show

  8. ROSITA says:

    any 1 on?Show

  9. Mila says:

    Now made a Show

  10. ROSITA says:

    i made Show

  11. ROSITA says:

    how do u reach the key?

  12. Mila says:

    make a Show

  13. Bob T says:

    any hint on colored flowers box?

  14. Snowman says:

    Code for box near door: Show

  15. ROSITA says:

    i did that and got the key,now whats up with the code?

  16. ROSITA says:

    i guess its gotta be in order cuz it didnt work be fore!the code

  17. Bob T says:

    got 4 yellow balls…. need the last one…

  18. Snowman says:

    Code for colored flowers box: Show

  19. Bob T says:

    doesn’t work for me

  20. ROSITA says:

    me either

  21. sdcross says:

    location of 5 balls

  22. sdcross says:


  23. sdcross says:

    this is weird
    i have the door open but it won’t let me leave

  24. ROSITA says:

    whats the cod e foe the flower box ?and howed u get it?

  25. Bob T says:

    How did you get the last code, Snowman??? might be different in each game

  26. Mila says:

    take the Show

  27. sdcross says:

    hint on code

  28. sdcross says:

    look on back of hammer for flower box code

  29. Bob T says:

    Finally out!!! thanks

  30. Reka says:

    Ok, got the door open, but it still won’t let me go out! What the–?

  31. ROSITA says:

    are there diff endings?i got a happy end yeahh thanks for the hints guys!!!:)

  32. Snowman says:


  33. sdcross says:

    reka you are not Alone

  34. sdcross says:

    thx snowman

  35. laughingpoodle says:

    Cute little game.

  36. Snowman says:

    Maybe… Show

  37. noƫ says:

    What are colors in the box please?

  38. Anne says:

    Very cute little game!

  39. jo says:

    thanx sdcross!!!! out!!!

  40. Ann says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough SNOWMAN………..I really needed it…
    Nice game, I enjoyed it with your help………..X