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enDiceenDiceIn enDice, a simple puzzle game created by Ozzie Mercado, your goal is to bring each die into an outlined zone with no moves remaining to complete a level.

Each die has a number on it representing how many moves it can make. A die can push other dice, which is required to solve most of the 35 levels featured in the game.

You will either love enDice or you will find this game boring. Be warned, later levels are very challenging!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


6 Comments to enDice

  1. Jo-C says:

    Neat little time waster – you’re not wrong though, the later levels are EVIL!

  2. Jules says:

    I’m stuck on level 13 :(

  3. Sue says:

    me too-13 is a bummer

  4. ben says:

    cant get 34… really tough.

  5. Kortleve says:

    on 21

  6. Unowninator says:

    How do I beat Lv. 18?