Chemical Room

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Chemical RoomChemical RoomChemical Room is a new Japanese Room Escape game created by PRG; the game is now available in English. For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a chemical room, and the exit door is locked.

Some items are well hidden, but with the help of the TAB key, it shouldn’t take long before you find them.

Having said that, the language barrier doesn’t help, and if you are looking for frustration, I recommend you give Chemical Room a try!

Have fun!

Chemical Room walkthrough (thanks Chris!)

By Eric

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145 Comments to Chemical Room

  1. aimz says:

    woohooooooo im out after 9hrs of play!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sue says:

    eg24 is another game site., hope noone is offended that i am telling it here :-)

  3. Sue says:

    i am out :-) ty all, good luck everyone,

  4. Nataly says:

    sorry, vere yellow liqued?

  5. Nataly says:

    i’am out!

  6. Mila says:

    How to get the lighter??

  7. Crool says:

    @ Mila, je moet te ladens aanklikken van het tafeltje in volgorde van de schaakstenen , ben al uit, dus kan niet meer zien wat de volgorde is. Succes

  8. Mila says:

    oke zal ff proberen

  9. Crool says:

    @Nataly , Yellow liquid Show

  10. Mila says:

    ja heb hem

  11. Crool says:

    Mila Show

  12. Crool says:

    use of yellow liquid Show

  13. Mila says:

    11,12,03 werkt bij mij niet, das toch gewoon van links naar rechts??

  14. Mila says:

    got green liquid but lost it in the book

  15. Crool says:

    uh sorry, 11,12,01 ;)

  16. Crool says:

    ace=1 of 11 (waardes kaartspel0

  17. Mila says:

    it is 11,12,1 :)

  18. moflete says:

    Hi! How do you heat the blue liquid? Thanks!

  19. Mila says:

    yes out he he pffff

  20. Crool says:

    ja, was een pittige, doewie, tot een volgend spel ;)

  21. zing says:

    how to remove d stain?
    found water..but its nt helpin

  22. moflete says:

    Hi all. Can you please tell me how does the drawer thing works (I guess this is required to get lighter and heat up blue liquid). Thanks!!

  23. Maria Ekholm says:

    Hey I really could need some help. I have put the two first liquids (red and pink) in the machine but I don’t know how to heat the blue one?

  24. moflete says:

    Me neither, Maria, but every1 seems to have gone!!!. Any help, greatly appreciated!.

  25. Crool says:


  26. zing says:

    is ne1 listenin?

  27. kate says:

    how to use d water bottl

  28. Maria Ekholm says:

    Thank you soooo much, finally out. That was a hard game… Mabe mainly because of the language. Any way, thanx a lot :)

  29. kleuz says:

    totally stuck on second code comp. And I have only Show

    where can i find the others?

  30. moflete says:

    @Crool. Many thanks. By now I feel rather stupid. I tried to open and close drawers in the manner shown but not sure how it works. I tried opening lower when upper is still opened, and the other way too. Where does the lighter appear?. Many thanks!

  31. Angela says:

    moflete: no need to feel stupid. I had problems with that too! I thought you had to open *and close* each drawer, but you don’t. Just click ONCE on each drawer for each chess piece. For e.g., for the four chess pieces in a row, click on the top drawer four times – once to open, once to close, once to open, then once to close again.

  32. Chris says:


    End #1:

    End #2:

  33. Nerenia says:

    Hello there! I dont get the tube code… Is it a bug? Because from 60 to 100 i have more spaces than i should… If 60 is the pointing line then the top is 110 and not 100.. Can you post a picture?

  34. pat says:

    Hi Nerenia that is not 60 it is 50………

  35. Michael says:

    At this website is the english version of the game.
    So the green book and all don’t have to be translated..

  36. mAiNe says:

    where did you get the pink yellow and green bottle crool ?

  37. mAiNe says:

    aNd wHeRe is tHe drAwEr ?
    sOrry i dOnT kNow wHiCh iS thE drAwEr iN thE gAmE =))

  38. Ciar says:

    Those struggling with the language, look under the game and you will find a link for the English version:-

  39. jto says:

    what is the computer code for the second ending?

  40. jto says:

    what IS his favorite food? neither of the suggestions above work!

  41. jto says:

    it’s case sensitive!

  42. john says:

    2nd code for the green liquid wont work. said something about aadjustment

  43. Escape Maniac says:

    code for green liquid won’t work. It says there is a problem with adjustment.

  44. Pandero says:

    code for green liquid is Show

  45. alice says:

    what is the favorite food? the asian characters do not work.