Super Strong Scape

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Super Strong ScapeSuper Strong ScapeSuper Strong Scape is a new room escape game developed by Masato Miura (Dream Electricity, Sweet of Memories).

“Since his surprising debut, the mysterious mask wrestler, Super Strong Suzuki, has beaten every opponent he fought against. At last, he has the title match tonight against the evil champion, Lion Devil. But there is a dirty trap by the champ…

Can Suzuki escape from the locker room, and arrive at the ring by the time? Train 5 parts of his body, and try to win!”

Original, but weird.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.50


18 Comments to Super Strong Scape

  1. Echo says:

    First … anyone playing??

  2. Echo says:

    So far Show

  3. ROSITA says:

    i traingh 4 parts of his body any1 here?

  4. croc says:

    @ROSITA, me too, and

  5. ROSITA says:

    how do u train for flexibility?and whats the code?any1?

  6. FD says:

    Got all trained and the guy does nothing. Gets knocked out. Can’t hit or move toarget. Instructions would be nice.

  7. ROSITA says:

    how did u figure out code?

  8. ROSITA says:

    some 1 whats the locker code?

  9. croc says:

    the code

  10. ROSITA says:

    thanks crock i had it all wrong only 1 i had right was the yellowand red!

  11. ROSITA says:

    i give up to hard !!!

  12. croc says:

    someone knows how to train for flexibility ?? I think that’s why I got knocked out, because I have zero flexibility !

  13. J says:

    For Flexibility:

  14. daisy says:

    I thought the blue was Show

    Did anyone figure out how to hit back??

  15. olle says:

    to fight Show

  16. Em says:

    How many missing things have you found on the 2 lions head´s?? Ivé got 9.

    On Mind´s Eye I have no red markings on the line. Anyone now how to get it?

  17. olle says:

    not sure you need any red marking on the mind eye, you can beat him anyway

  18. Em says:

    Now I´m done with the lions!
    But still have 0 on Mind´s Eye…can´t do anything more…?