Find the Dwarfs

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Find the DwarfsFind the DwarfsFind the Dwarfs is a new installment in the Japanese Room Escape Nekonote series.

You find yourself in the same room as in Nekonote 8 – Exercice (well, almost the same) and the door is locked.

Your will have to find a certain number of dwarfs and a key before you can get out of the room.

40 dwarfs are hidden in this room and the game features four different endings.

Have fun!

Find the Dwarfs walkthroughs in comments #16 and #17 (thanks  darkman and Reka!)

By Eric

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24 Comments to Find the Dwarfs

  1. jojo says:

    i’m first

  2. jojo says:

    found 39 can’t find the last one

  3. darkman says:

    ok im starting now :)

  4. fartpilot says:


  5. juice says:

    I can only find 39 as well plus the key

  6. darkman says:

    ok i only have 39

    where is the last one :)

  7. Reka says:

    Aaaah! It’s the return of the Most Hideous Wallpaper Ever! Run awaaaay!!!


  8. jojo says:


    last one

  9. darkman says:

    ok im out

    and perfect ending :)

    40 dwarfs :)

  10. juice says:

    jojo is that the tv screen?

  11. jojo says:

    thought it was but i’ve now found it

  12. juice says:

    I still haven’t (sobs)

  13. jojo says:

    juice Show

  14. jojo says:

    i’m free, perfect ending

  15. Reka says:

    Some of them critters are sneaky, Show

    I kept accidentally exiting and having to start over, so I finally just refused to get the key until after I’d found all the “dwarves”.

  16. darkman says:



  17. Reka says:

    Another walkthrough (because sometimes in these sorts of games, it helps to have more than one description)

    Initial view (door) Show

    Scene with TV and cats Show

    Three pumpkins Show

    Window Show

    Mirror & cabinet Show

  18. fartpilot says:

    If you have a magnifing glas on your PC it can help you

  19. what an awesome game! Got 40 of em’ and beat it in no time!


  20. You’ll never guess what happened that night after I beat it…


  21. rae says:

    I found them all!!Yay

  22. Y. F. says:

    I found 38 on my own and 2 refer to walkthrough. Some are really difficult! I salute those who can find all 40 dwarfs on their own!

  23. cynthia osborne says:

    in number 1 and 2 i followed the walkthru for ea and i could only find 39 in 1 and 2 . but i followed a walkthru from escape games 24 to do the number 2 (continuation) game but in that one i found all of them .

  24. virys says:

    40 yesssss!!!