The Bride of the Fox

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The Bride of the FoxThe Bride of the FoxHere is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, The Bride of the Fox!

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Have fun!

Update: The Bride of the Fox walkthrough in comment #13 (thanks Gregory!)

By Eric

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31 Comments to The Bride of the Fox

  1. zee says:

    Wow…first…and stuck.

  2. Chowderluver says:


    Now im stuck

  3. NU_VOI says:


    SO FAR Show

  4. patty says:

    im stuck to

  5. patty says:

    if your stuck on the purple thing stick it in the fire

  6. patty says:

    im done

  7. jojo says:

    finished with normal end, easy peasy

  8. Fanny says:

    can find only one ending

  9. fartpilot says:


  10. M.E. says:

    I Show

    and am totally stuck now

  11. nanabo says:

    This is about to put me to sleep….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
    Ain’t nothing doing nothing now.

  12. M.E. says:

    BTW the game is Bride of Fox, not Bridge of fox….

    Edit: Oops! It’s time to go sleeping I think. Title fixed. Thanks!

  13. Gregory says:

    Perfect end walkthrough:













  14. juice says:


    Then I’m sort of stuck again!

  15. M.E. says:

    Oh, Show

  16. juice says:

    LOL…..TY Gregory!

  17. M.E. says:

    That says perfect end, one of two. Anybody find the other end?

  18. Gregory says:

    no,I can’t find the other end

  19. fartpilot says:


  20. M.E. says:

    yeah thanks Gregory–I was getting frustrated!

  21. Gregory says:

    you’re welcome! This is my first walkthrough LOL

  22. Fanny says:

    guys, there’s gotta be another ending – there always is!

  23. Miss D says:

    Hmm I have found only the perfect ending, but it says that it’s one method of two. Anyone any ideas on the other ending.

  24. Fanny says:

    found it! the difference is in the very last scene, after you put the transformed ninja next to his bride – then you can decide about the endings

  25. Sara! says:

    that was a fun game :)

  26. Miss D says:

    Yeah found the other ending! Thanks Fanny!
    For everyone who likes to know,
    For the normal ending you Show

    For the perfect ending you Show

  27. louisa says:

    My first walkthrough:

    The end! I hope you found my walkthrough helpfull eventhough noone plays theses game anymore.

  28. louisa says:

    It makes me sad that I am the only one who has played and commented on this level for 3 years! (Boo hoo) Yet I still sit here typing and making walkthroughs for nobody. Probably nobody will ever read this again. PLease comment if you have played this recently. I am leaving now to make some use of my life.
    Bye (boo hoo!)

    • manami says:

      you were arrogant enough to say “Use my walkthrough, it is better! ” as a reply to Gregory-san’s walkthrough which was perfectly fine AND had the perfect end.
      Yes, please, do make better use of your life, of all you want is needless attention and making it seem as if your walkthrough was of any use after 3 years, when everybody who needed it used Gregory-san’s in the first place.
      Congratulations, I answered to your arrogant post, so you had some attention. Your mental age is 7, have a nice day