No Debe Romperlo

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No Debe RomperloNo Debe Romperlo is the third Room Escape game developed by the author of Un Cuarto Insipido and  El Cuarto de la Naranja. You are trapped in a tea room, and you have no idea why you are here. If you look around closely enough, you will find a few items that could be helpful to escape! Have fun!

By Eric

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25 Comments to No Debe Romperlo

  1. sarrerab says:


  2. Adam says:

    Anyone playing yet?

  3. juliette says:

    i have some trouble with the snake,the tail to the head or the head to the tail ,the bos doesn,t open

  4. Lyxmorsa says:

    For me neither…
    What about the Show

    how to use it? I tried all combinations starting with 6, 4 on the Show

  5. Adam says:

    Right now I have found Show

    and now im stuck.

  6. frost says:

    Well I’ve managed to


    but I’m also stuck with the various codes…

  7. Adam says:

    What items do you guys have right now?

  8. frost says:

    Ok have managed to use

    then I used

  9. Adam says:

    How did you…Show

  10. Adam says:

    Nevermind, figured it out. Any luck on the code yet? i cant seem to figure anything out.

  11. frost says:

    nope am still stuck… think it might have something to do with the shape of the squares… like we have to put them in order or something but its not that easy…

  12. Marc says:


  13. Marc says:

    How, stuck again. Got a crummy Show

  14. Marc says:

    Holy-smokes!!!!, I managed to: Show

  15. tusa says:

    zoom in on drawers

    open top drawer and get 2 items.
    you should be able to get out from there.

  16. A says:

    Marc, how did you figure out the code for the box?

  17. SuzieGirl64 says:

    What a weird game! There is no way I can see any of the clues make one jot of sense. I’m out but only with the help of Marc (Post 12) and tusa/ (Post 15)

    No fun to be had here!

  18. jackivee says:

    Wow, the others were bad but this one is awful!

  19. jorina says:

    put the cup on the drawer press 8529 got key n ruler use ruler u out. hope u all get it.

  20. Lala says:

    Hi there, anybody still playing?

  21. Lala says:

    Well… late again :(

  22. Martin :D says:

    I’m late as well but I’m not sure I missed much. Can’t see how Marc #12 got the code…:-(

  23. Martin :D says:

    I finaly figured it out how to get the code with help from a post on another site.

    I hope it makes sense.

  24. Sol says:

    How on earth shall one guess that

    Maybe there’s a hint in the japanese text we just can’t read.
    Out thanks to the hints here. Not so logical game.

  25. Martin :D says:

    To clarify my last comment.
    I read a post Show

    that didn’t make much sense. From that post I realised Show

    where to click on buttons on the box with no numbers. But the original post, now I went back, was from Show

    several posts before.
    So here’s to you Calculus! Cheers!!
    Oh! And my post here was ripped off Show

    even though Calculus (again) had posted there way before . Ahhh recognition…or parts thereof.