Escape the Plane

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Escape the PlaneEscape the PlaneEscape the Plane is a new Room Escape game developed by Marc Baldwin, the author of  Lost Memory, Remote Escape,  Retro Room, Locked Inside Episode 1 and Locked Inside Episode 2.

In Escape the Plane, you find yourself handcuffed to a pole in a plane after you killed “the most infamous gang mobster of all time”. You are alone in the plane, and it will crash soon!

Don’t forget to press the spacebar if you want to put an item away!

Have fun!

Escape the Plan walkthrough in comment #11 (thanks Ben!)

By Eric

current rating 3.40


16 Comments to Escape the Plane

  1. monte says:

    here we go

  2. monte says:

    I got the hand cuffs off, but now all i can move around the plan and it is real buggy

  3. monte says:

    oops i cut all the wires without a parachute and died…

  4. eeva_marie says:

    how did you get the hand cuffs off?

  5. monte says:

    hahaha i did it. I found a key that opened the green box that gave the laser that cut the floor that gave me the parachute…. kind of fun

  6. monte says:


  7. FD says:

    Buggy is right. This game is just a hair above crappy on the quality-o-meter.

  8. Ben says:

    Man, this looks like it’s a good game, but for cryin’ out loud, some indicators of general motion in the form of buttons would SERIOUSLY help people out.

  9. laine says:

    how do you open the green box?

  10. laine says:

    never mind done it

  11. Ben says:

    Very simple, overall…

    Get up, stand up:

    Shoot! Shoot! (Pair-a-shoot)

    Are you locked in, or out? Yes.

    That’s all.

  12. sabrina says:

    it was easy. don’t think anyone needs a walkthrough. here is it anyway

    took me longer to write the walkthrough than to play the game

  13. Sol says:

    Agree with Ben.
    The graphics are nice, the riddles rather logical, but it’s just SO annoying that you have no idea where you’ll end up when clicking somewhere in the picture – or how to come back to where you’ve just been!!

  14. brin3m says:

    this game doesn’t work very well, keeps freezing up on me, thought it was my computer so i checked out other games but they had no problems……think it is the game

  15. marina says:

    i think it’s cool

  16. Azeem Shamsi says: