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UmbrossUmbrossUmbross is the third installment in the Moss platform game series created by Ian Adam.

The goal is still the same: move your player Umbrita, cousin of Moss, through her tricky land using the arrow keys and reach the finish as fast as possible.

Collect time orbs to roll the clock back and avoid pitfalls and hazards along the way.

You are timed during your journey. The fastest completion times get ranked on the high score table.

Umbross is not really difficult to complete compared to its predecessors (less than 3mns on my first attempt); it is a fun diversion for any Moss fan.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50


One Comment to Umbross

  1. No One says:

    First, again! This game proves that clever and fun game play doesn’t need a lot fancy graphics.