The Night Before

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The Night BeforeThe Night BeforeGreat news for all Psionic’s fans! The Night Before, the prequel to the Room Escape game The Morning After, has just come online!

“You are stuck in a dirty old pub with no cash. But your mates are off for a few pints and then to a party – can you escape, and find the cash to join them?”

Just like in the prequel, you will meet several people in this pub, and each of them will ask you to perform different tasks or find different items.

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

Have fun!

Thanks to DNOMN8R to point this one out!

… and thanks again to DNOMN8R for his detailed walkthrough (read comment #79)!

By Eric

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256 Comments to The Night Before

  1. Magnus says:

    The drinking game is really hard… try not to miss because the red bar/rockheads bar will go up, and if u hit one your own green bar will go up and his a little bit down

  2. Punk_Rocker_1234 says:

    How do I get into the secret room?