The Morning After

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The Morning AfterThe Morning AfterGreat news today! After Icescape, Mousebreaker has just released The Morning after, the second Room Escape game designed by Psionic from UK.

“You wake up in a strange house, your head’s throbbing and you’re locked in. Been there? It’s the morning after that party – can you find the front door key and escape from the student house?”

You will meet several people in this house, and each of them will ask you to perform different tasks or find different items. Some tasks consist of mini-games which have their own “how to play” rules: read them carefully!

Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

The Morning After walkthrough (thanks Wena!)

By Eric

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114 Comments to The Morning After

  1. linds says:

    got 1716 first try.
    is it better to get a higher or lower score in this game?
    i mean, you never know.

  2. y says:

    Great game!!!

  3. ballsackanus says:

    Stuck on 2nd spot the difference plz help

  4. ballsackanus says:

    nvm, stuck on 3rd now

  5. ally says:

    Why wont it let me pick up ladders :(

  6. claire says:

    were her naickers i dont have a clue and were is the beer

  7. mya232 says:

    wow that was great game, loved little tasks

  8. bri-lo says:

    plz somebody help me beat the fricken dog! i cant beat his game!!!!

  9. ytrw says:

    where is the chain on the picture

  10. Topazeyes123 says:

    I, like, dont know what to do! Im stuck on where you pick the difference out of the pics!

  11. kelsey says:

    Where is the fourth difference on the pimps puzzle? Like damn its hard

  12. lizzy says:

    how do u pick up the ladder?