T2B Escape

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T2B escapeT2B escapeT2B Escape is a brand new Room Escape game created by T2B from Japan.

For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a room and, guess what, the door is locked! Search for items, use and combine them and eventually, escape from the T2B Room!

T2B Escape is really nice looking and reminds me a lot of games by Neutral like Sphere or Vision. You will like this one for sure!

Have fun!

Update: T2B Escape walkthrough in comment #79 (thanks abolresh!)

By Eric

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111 Comments to T2B Escape

  1. shaz says:

    ok i put wooden boards in order owl,half circle,bird,half circle,snake,rope rope but key wont appear near cups help please.

  2. vix847 says:

    Having trubble!! I read the walkthrough on page 2 but step 6 – 7 about going to the dry soil and getting a key or sumthin…? DON’T GET IT! NEED HELP!!

  3. cassie* says:

    goshhhh!! >_

  4. Irene says:

    Oh please help! I really don’t know how to combine items… E.g. the Iron part and the Iron stick. Any advice much appreciated!

  5. djso says:

    how the heck do you combine the iron parts!!!!

  6. nettan says:

    plz HELP ME! I’m going crazy. I can’t open this ##/#¤&#¤%” fridge. I’m using the right combination on the glasses but i still can’t open it.

  7. Keli says:

    You know i’m late doing this but i never looked on the

  8. Kirsty says:

    Ok, this is prob really easy but i cannot get the wooden stick into the hole on the side of the cabinet to open the drawer. Am i trying to do it wrong???

  9. MissAnnieee says:

    How do you Show

    I’ve clicked everywhere on both of them!!

  10. meeeeee says:

    use the long stick on the iron parts then the iron stick on it

  11. rachel says:

    how do i put the metal pieces together