Escape from the Room

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Escape from the RoomEscape from the Room is a new Japanese Room Escape game, all written in Japanese. You are trapped in a room and the door is locked. Look around for some items, use them in the right place, solve puzzle and eventually escape from the Room! Have fun!

Update: Escape from the Room walkthrough in comment #3 (thanks iceberg!)

By Eric

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8 Comments to Escape from the Room

  1. Alice says:


  2. g says:


  3. iceberg says:


    i stole this from another site(megipoland) , don,t tell anyone :) SHHHH

  4. shaz says:

    wish people wouldnt post walkthroughs so soon.

  5. shaz says:

    not a bad game

  6. Emilio says:

    Yeah, no need for walkthrough on 3rd comment.

  7. tic says:

    well, dont read them

  8. Hippy says:

    i dont get it wheres the screwdriver… been clicked the whole table but nothing was there, exept the wire and metal plate… help?