Wizard Taro – Episode 3

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Wizard Taro - Episode 3Wizard Taro - Episode 3Wizard Taro Episode 3 is the third installment in the Japanese Room Escape series Wizard Taro created by HILG, the author of Escape to Freedom V.2, U Sensor, B Sensor and C Sensor.

You are trapped in an apartment and there is a lot to explore here.

This third episode is available in both English and Japanese and features several endings.

Please be patient while the game is loading.

Have fun!

Update:  Wizard Taro – Episode 3 walkthrough in comment #8 (thanks vytraas!)

By Eric

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38 Comments to Wizard Taro – Episode 3

  1. DENIZ says:

    hello everybody, I am first ha? This is a first!! :)

  2. April says:

    Ahhh confusing..

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Hi. So far, I have Show


  4. shaz says:

    got a stopper,banana and the manual

  5. shaz says:

    got the car from the book

  6. shaz says:

    if u click on banana it alters.also put plug in socket… i like the way u can save ur progress too

  7. shaz says:

    click on microwave after ya put plug in socket it shows r4 in red

  8. vytraas says:

    Here comes a walkthrough. Thanks to EscapeGames24!

    For the good ending:

  9. txgirl says:

    In the cabinet

  10. nikol says:

    in the opposite wall of the stairs there is a plant. when you move it away it swos something with the signs OPEN and CLOSED. I don’t know what it is…

  11. txgirl says:

    Main door

  12. txgirl says:

    Found a screwdriver

  13. txgirl says:

    This game seems to give you hints as to the next step. After using the screwdriver, now says “I grasp the key to bath” So I guess I need to find the key to the bath! LOL

  14. txgirl says:

    Check the screwdriver for another clue!

  15. mona says:

    use screwdriver Show

  16. txgirl says:

    In the bathroom Show

    Off to find out where to use the key!

  17. txgirl says:

    Need a code for the bottom of the cone. Must be what is needed for the next key. Not finding any help in the book or anywhere else. Maybe it is the color coded codes?

  18. txgirl says:

    Played with the numbers and found that 18 opens the cone. Once the green door is open, find Show

    Once upstairs Show

  19. mona says:

    where is the R3? i got L3

  20. txgirl says:

    The safe behind the green door Show

  21. txgirl says:

    @mona in the bathroom Show

  22. txgirl says:

    One of the hardest parts is upstairs. There is a rug in the middle of the room with what looks like roman numerals. Remember the pictures from downstairs? Well the time on them indicates the order of the views Show

    Still don’t know the code, so have to go look at pictures again.

  23. txgirl says:

    I’m out! Finally!
    The keypad on the front door

    This was one of the hardest games ever! Use the book to help you remember the steps. Good luck!

  24. Totenkopf says:

    What a mess!
    I remained with two balls, my cd left in the kitchen and I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know the code for the door upstairs…help!

  25. Totenkopf says:

    well, at least I found what was the hole in the column for!
    there is even a swimming pool, but of course I don’t know what to do!

  26. Totenkopf says:

    I’m out, but I found an emergency exit that was written in the book.
    It says Dokan’s end
    I have to retry to go out from the main door like txgirl

  27. Suz says:

    do you get the golden key from the same drawer that resets the code?

  28. wendydarling says:

    I can’t get the screwdriver. Help!

  29. J says:

    I too got the Dokan end, whatever that means, and I’m not going to try again: the navigation SUCKS. No arrow *ever* takes you where you expect (clicking a down arrow can take you up or sideways, never down), you can click where you want to go until the end of time and it’ll do no good, because you have to be facing the opposite and totally illogical way, there are endless loops of arrows switching you between two (equally useless) views, and so forth and so on. Add the pixel hunting, the pretty bad walkthrough Show

    and the bad or nonexistent English throughout, and it ends up being just plain frustrating and unenjoyable.

  30. lmmluvstjl4eva says:

    ok i couldnt get the screwdriver either but i figured it out…… ya gotta go forward once first then go left and the do the rest and the screwdriver is like in one of the lines on the floor it looks like a little black like triangle!

  31. lmmluvstjl4eva says:

    whats with the stupid rug and roman numbers thing? I only have two and it wont let me see any others!!! someone please help! :) thnks so much!

  32. swabs says:

    To open the brown door upstairs, Show

  33. J says:

    lmmluvstjl4eva: it won’t let you look down at the rug if you haven’t looked at the corresponding picture downstairs. (No, it doesn’t make sense to me, either.)

  34. Reka says:

    What the heck’s with the seriously screwy navigation? If I turn right, then left, why don’t I get back to the same bloody view I started with????

  35. Reka says:

    OK, this game is HORRIBLE. Seriously the worst I’ve ever played. Yes, it’s worse than Pear Room. Which is saying a lot.

    Hint: If I click an arrow to go back, I expect to go BACK. Not left, not right, not forward, but BACK. You’d think this would be obvious to any reasonably sane person, but apparently not.

  36. mr. beer says:

    I agree with Reka and J! I hate this pixel-hunting games!! I quit after 10 mins!

  37. germana1peace says:


  38. Sue says:

    I must have looked at all the right pictures because I can see the numbers on the rug. It keeps telling me I bow in the order of time… which would mean clockwise? Still can’t get the brown door open! This is screwy!