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Matt SandorfMatt SandorfMatt Sandorf – Journey to Endless Entertainment is a brand new Room Escape / Adventure advergame created by Rodrigo Roesler and Bruno Maestrini (Trapped series: The Dark, The White Rabbit) for Sony Europe.

“In the 90’, some insanely rich Japanese businessman secretly started to build a space station. Not even NASA had ever heard about it.

It was supposed to be a kind of super resort *slash* mega science lab. He wanted it to be the most modern thing ever. The news got out a few months ago, after over a decade of hard work.

The station was sent to space with all sorts of scientists, specialists and artists.

mattAnd me! When I heard about the Beatles reunion on board, well… I HAD to come! My name is Matt Sandorf and nobody saw me get on the ship. I’m pretty sure I’m safe here.

Hey, there is someone here! Oh crap…

Take him to the store room!”

You are trapped in the store room now, and I’m sure it won’t take long before you get out of it. The problem is you are in space station, remember?

This game uses the same engine as the Trapped series, so if you liked Rodrigo Roesler’s other games, you won’t be disappointed with this new one!

Have fun!

By Eric

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62 Comments to Matt Sandorf – Journey to Endless Entertainment

  1. Sonia says:

    How do I get the plutonium? Helpppp!! I’m stuck. The computer says that I could do better…please..please..please

  2. Jules says:

    Well, this might be a little late, but gota say I LOVED this little game!
    Even with the ads and all, it was well thought, doable with logic and a little imagination. 2 thumbs up!

  3. DNOMN8R says:



  4. daisy says:


    Thanks everyone for your help! Lets see if I can finish it now :)

  5. daisy says:

    This game was really great. I only got very stuck at that one spot. I was able to do the rest by myself except Show

    Challenging enough and really fun :) Not too hard, I prefer when I can finish without getting help.

  6. fiddle and herman says:



  7. fiddle and herman says:

    Edit for my spoiler above

  8. Mel says:

    Loved the reference to Back to the Future!

  9. kinga says:

    how do you get autograph forrrrrrr godsssssssssssss sakeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  10. fiddle and herman says:


  11. sandy says:

    does anyone no how to make the frog immortal ?

  12. eq says:

    is there a second one?