SSSG – Super Sneaky Spy Guy – Forgotten Asylum

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SSSG - Forgotten AsylumSSSG - Forgotten AsylumSelf Defiant, the author of the never ending Super Sneaky Spy Guy series has released a new episode at Melting-Mindz Games!

“You are being sent to Whispering Oaks Asylum to meet with an ex-nurse named Shelly Marser.

There are many rumors about the old forgotten asylum that might just be facts. It is said that the asylum was shut down due to being haunted. No one is quite sure though.

Many strange happenings went on in the asylum when it was occupied by its residents. It is your job to meet nurse Marser and figure out what happened.

Have fun!

SSSG – Forgotten Asylum walkthrough (thanks victoria and kudos to MegaJar from Nordinho!)

By Eric

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205 Comments to SSSG – Super Sneaky Spy Guy – Forgotten Asylum

  1. masdhu says:

    In right side room, tile which looks different. move that tile you will get the star key

  2. Jenn says:

    Hey i need help trying to find the 3rd peg, ive found the one in the Show

    Please help (:

  3. jajalu says:

    the hole in the wall outside has nothing in it but cobwebs. Does this game have a lot of gliches?

  4. gerrett says:


  5. Alice says:

    Anyone there? Can’t find my third cork thing. Have used the hammer to smash window in one of the bathrooms. I though that a cork would fall to the floor but it didn’t. Help please