Da pot Escape

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Da pot EscapeDa pot Escape is a new Room Escape game designed by Matt Wade (Escape the Computer Room). “We meet up with Matt, who is really bored. Not having anything to do today, he makes another one of those Room Escape Games in a day. Same concept as before. Again, he is way to lazy to polish the graphics, but he thinks that gives the game a cool look. He is wrong.” Have fun!

Update: Da pot Escape walkthroughs in comments #11 and #12 (thanks DNOMN8R and kasmine!)

By Eric

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24 Comments to Da pot Escape

  1. London says:

    First…and stuck.

  2. Sara! says:

    has anyone found some sort of lighter or match?

  3. Alice says:

    argh posted a walktrough but it didn’t come through..
    anyway, the thing you need is Show

  4. Brad says:

    Done and it’s not too bad at all.

  5. Gruftschlampe says:

    That was an easy one… :-)
    …but I liked it!!! :-)

  6. martin says:

    Where do you find the code for the computer

  7. java says:

    paint lightbulb then put it back to get code

  8. martin says:

    java thanks for the help out

  9. bob says:

    easy && fun..

    and the poor graphics doo make it lloook cool

  10. laughingpoodle says:

    nice and easy!!

  11. DNOMN8R says:

    Okay, I’ll post a walkthrough.

    U R OUT!

  12. kasmine says:

    Walkthrough :

  13. Jeff says:

    I need to know how to make these games…

  14. Reka says:

    I was stuck for the longest time because Show

    I’m out now, but I feel a bit silly. :)

  15. Joe says:

    pretty easy game.

  16. fistngore says:

    realli game. the graphic is nice. i dun see wads wrong wit it haha

  17. mr. hankey says:

    i want to make my own game too!

  18. aa60 says:

    A nice simple game….just right for my shrinking brain…..lol

  19. aa60 says:

    P.S……I thought the graphics were great!

  20. shaz says:

    i dont see no lighter at all u say it on top of bookshelve ive clicked every where.helllllllpp

  21. shaz says:

    it ok it appears after u do some thing im out.okish game hated the graphics

  22. fay says:

    that was even worse than the first one!

  23. idunnome? says:

    Woohoo! That was short and sweet and funny and I lovesed it!!

  24. f2 says: