Escape the Computer Room

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Escape the Computer RoomEscape the Computer Room is the first Room Escape game created by Matt Wade. The author announced on his site that he made his game in a single day and he rushed the ending, so don’t complain if the game doesn’t look as polished graphically as it should be… You’ve been forewarned! Have fun!

Update: Escape the COmputer Room walkthrough in comment #19 (thanks SleepyDragon!)

By Eric

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110 Comments to Escape the Computer Room

  1. stephen says:

    im stuck wat do i do with the key you find at the side of the computer

  2. SOPHIA says:

    hello im from the philippines, i’m sophia, IT IS SO HARD. I THINK IM GOING TO BE CRAZY

  3. Justin says:

    Well… Show

  4. Confused. says:

    WTF ?
    i get everything, but the computer only lets me enter THREE numbers!

  5. pacoi says:

    i just want to beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sarah says:

    what do you put where it says try pass ?

  7. sarah says:

    wtf i give up ! i dont get the whole “i plege allegence” thingy !

  8. rose says:

    can someone tall me how to do this …. like i got some of the thining and i stopped at the part were to get blow tourch ?