Yellow Blocks Escape

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Yellow Blocks EscapeYellow Blocks Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by FreakinRooms, the author of Green Mirrors Escape, Bubble Room and many more. “You are locked in some kind of weird yellow room. Find all the yellow blocks and use them to get out!” Have fun!

Update: Yellow Block Escape walkthrough in comment #10 (thanks Jasmine!)

By Eric

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26 Comments to Yellow Blocks Escape

  1. Habib says:

    first… lets see….

  2. Amy says:

    argh! i have 7 blocks n 2fr things now im stuck…..any help out there???

  3. Amy says:

    ok now i have 5 fr coins and a knife (used)

  4. Amy says:

    woohoo!!! im out! nearly gave up tho

  5. Jo says:

    help, i’m stuck.. have 4 blocks and 5 coins

  6. Jo says:

    what’s the code for comp..?

  7. Jo says:

    got it, out..

  8. NetMonster says:

    10 blocks, 8 coins, opened vault, still can’t get out…

  9. NetMonster says:

    Oops, I got it :P

  10. Jasmine says:

    my first time hope this works











    You’ll have to find the FreakinRooms Coins yourself

  11. Lostrenny says:

    don’t like this one. to ,much math.

  12. itsjustanaccount says:

    This one wasn’t too good. And too lazy to make a real walkthrough video, so I made the “easy” version.

  13. My Name Paco says:

    Craptastic scale hates math. 3 out of 10

  14. laughingpoodle says:


  15. otacsaf says:

    I hate these math games.

  16. gumx2 says:

    how did you guys figure out the red letter for the pc password ?
    i’m really confused

  17. Chris says:

    i love this game

  18. Jojo says:

    the eye thing is confusing!!~

  19. j says:

    sooooo easy

  20. yara says:

    wheres tha vault

  21. roro says:

    what the!!!! how!!!! stupid game!!!

  22. Mahati says:

    like it becoz its challenging but HATE it coz i hate math.

  23. aaa says:

    1 minute 37 seconds time