Polleke’s Blue Room

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Polleke's Blue RoomPolleke’s Blue Room is the third installment in the Polleke Room Escape series released by FreakinRooms. After you successfully escaped from the Polleke’s Garden and then from Polleke’s Room Escape 1 and 2, it’s time again to get out of this Freakin’Room … Have fun!

Update: Polleke’s Blue Room walkthrough in comment #22 (thanks shaz!)

By Eric

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44 Comments to Polleke’s Blue Room

  1. shaz says:

    wooo hooo ist.

    found pin ( used ) got 2 numbers, cup ( filled ) tiny fishing net tried to get coint out of tank with it.

  2. shaz says:

    took lead from wall

  3. Hermann says:

    got some coins (4), opened the cabinet and plugged in power-cord to stereo. Now neither stereo nor computer have power.

  4. shaz says:

    got key now,4 pieces which i think go on blue thing right side of door,used lead on radio

  5. Hermann says:

    Oh, both HAVE power. you need to

  6. shaz says:

    used key got hammer,pliers and cd and more coins

  7. shaz says:

    need a code for computer

  8. Mimi says:


  9. Hermann says:

    code for computer is

  10. Hermann says:

    got 4 jigsaw-pieces now

  11. shaz says:

    got code for comp and did puzzle

  12. shaz says:

    used hammer on lamp and pliers on cd case

  13. shaz says:

    cool pieces u pick up when u have them all is code to get out

  14. shaz says:

    u can use hammer on sink too underneath it

  15. Hermann says:

    one more coin is under sink Show

  16. Laurent says:

    i’m out!

  17. Hels says:


  18. Hermann says:

    there are 6 jigsaw-pieces needed to put together a keypad beside the door.
    didnt get the code

  19. Eleena says:

    I got the code and i’m out!

  20. shaz says:

    im out too that was fun

  21. Eleena says:

    it has to do with the number puzzle pieces and the “differences” papers that were with the thumb tac

  22. shaz says:

    heres a walkthrough


    your out

  23. Reka says:

    Whoops, you forgot the spoiler tags!

  24. NetMonster says:

    Out with 7 coins… not bad :P

  25. Hermann says:

    Has someone found more than 7 coins?

  26. Nireug says:

    10 coins…

  27. georgia says:

    how do you get the key from fish tank?

  28. mona says:

    how did u figure out the code?

  29. fistngore says:

    i stil dun unds how the code wuz figured out… explanation anyone?

  30. aa60 says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough and all your help…..I could’nt have done it without you all……..X

  31. floor says:

    I don’t get the earlier explanation with the code either. How can you find the code?

  32. Kensentme says:

    5862 = 5 is the yellow number, 8 the blue one, 6 the red one and finally 2 the green number. Those are the onliest numbers that differ from the first row of numbers. Compare the two number sheets well…

  33. blm says:

    i ve collected only 5pieces .where is the sixth piece?

  34. anna says:

    where is the sixth piece?please tell me!!!!!!!!

  35. toortsi says:

    Where is the puzzle piece 5 and 6 ?

  36. Ls says:

    How did you manage to sort the code numbers that way. is not the way they appear…

  37. JAB says:

    The code numbers: Show

  38. Jared says:

    10 mins 32 secs not bad for first time !!!

  39. britt says:

    uhm, i cant find the first puzzle piece, the 1&3 on the door code.. where is it!!!!

  40. lp834 says:

    theres a 2 on the bilboard thing where you get the thumbtack

  41. shay says:

    the puzzle does not seem to be working. the pieces all match up. but there not connecting. so i cant get the last puzzle piece.

  42. summerox says:

    I NEED A WALKTHROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. sophiemiller says:

    how do i get the coin/key out of the fishtank?