Polleke’s Room Escape

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Polleke's Room EscapePolleke’s Room Escape is the 7th Room Escape game released so far by FreakinRooms, the author of the Head-Fi series. After you escaped from the Polleke’s Garden, you weren’t really free! You still have to escape from the pinky Polleke’s Room… Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #2 (thanks A!)

By Eric

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13 Comments to Polleke’s Room Escape

  1. KK says:

    yeah finished one with a walkthrough

  2. A says:



  3. KK says:

    opps i mean without a walkthrough

  4. NetMonster says:

    What’s with the clock? A red herring?


  5. Lyna says:

    wow it’s so easy… i did it without any help and it took me a few minutes only….

  6. Alexa Karuda says:

    If the clock isn’t set in the proper position, you can’t input the second code.

  7. mammis says:

    How can I play the game? When clicking on “have fun” it openes a window with some message about unmetered bandwith….

  8. robyn_hinchman says:

    which wall do i hammer, and what part of it????????? plz help!!!!!

  9. robyn_hinchman says:

    nm i got it. i feel REALLY stupid

  10. DiZzY says:

    I cant even play this game cos there are too many pop ups **AaaRRRgHH**

  11. bobbobobobobbobo says:

    A, i think u should really make ur walkthrough more specific, i mean put the arrow on the wall? put the flashlight on the HOLE? what hole did u mean? use the hammer on the wall? i still completed the game but it took me awile to understand what u meant

  12. Gustav says:

    how do you look under the carpet?

  13. Hokubella says:

    @A- Thanks for the walkthrough