It Finds It 2

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It Finds It 2It Finds It 2It Finds It 2 is live! Two days only after the release of It Finds It, you can see again how sharp your eyes are.

Once again, your goal here is to find the item that slowly appears in the picture. And once again, you have only around 30 seconds to Find it!

Remember, “if you miss, you lose, if the timer runs out, you lose!”

Have fun!

Update: It Finds It 3 is online!

By Eric

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4 Comments to It Finds It 2

  1. g says:

    what the heck are we trying to find….there’s nothing but blank wall in the red circle

  2. dd says:

    in the one with a bathroom it has a tiny spout that appears

  3. Jerre says:

    an item (plant, glass, anything really) wich apears in a matter of time, slowly, you need to find this item and click it ;)

  4. ben says:


    1 Painting in red circle
    2 Airhole in part of tube that’s facing straight at you
    3 The right side of the mat at the left becomes broader
    4 A cloud at the right top appears
    5 A new leaf on the coverlet right underneath the white coverlet around the middle of the bed
    6 The highest part of the pole of the bed in the back
    7 Handle of the drawer at the left
    8 Outlet at the right bottom at the left of existing outlet
    9 Wall ornament between trees
    10 Shadow of leaves in the water at the middle bottom of the photo
    11 The middle speaker gets longer at the right
    12 Handle of the white slidingdoor around the middle of the photo
    13 Spotlight at the underside of the stairs at the right of the existing spotlight
    14 Coat rack at the right of the photo becomes symetric (new rackpiece at the left of it)
    15 New post on the banister that is most vertical at the photo
    16 The white splash in the see at the right is continued
    17 At the left you can see a candle just behind the wall, a new candle appears between the existing one and the wall
    18 One of the pieces of wood at the ceiling (around the middle top of the screen)
    19 The shadow of the vase at the right in front of you becomes longer at the bottom
    20 The bottom part of the post of the table at the right bottom
    21 Again the most back pole of the bed, the bottom line of the top orange line appears
    22 The most brown plate of the floor at the right side becomes broader (very hard one to see)
    23 A new line in the floor at the right bottom of the photo
    24 The wall of the second floor at the most right becomes broader (see a part of the timebar disappears)
    25 A post in the most back of the banister appears (in front of the blue painting) (very little area to click)
    26 The right pot at the bottom left gets another piece of paper wrapping
    27 The mountains in the back grow at the left
    28 Shadow of the rearmirror of the car at the bottom of the photo
    29 At the white wall, there is a kind of ornament with a line underneath, the line above appears
    30 A new bowl at the right of the most right plate in the bottom
    31 The top of the flower at the left top changes
    32 There appears a new pink flower underneath the existing flowers standing by the tube
    33 The thing with woodpieces at the right becomes broader to the left
    34 New tree-tame at the right top between the two existing trees
    35 The frame at the top of the photo becomes broader
    36 A new boat appears in front of the mountains between two trees
    37 At the right bottom a sort of black pole appears
    38 Again a piece of white comming from the sea, around the middle of the beach, it gets broader at the left side
    39 A blue star at the ceiling around the top middle of the photo
    40 The top metal piece to hold the door (don’t know what those things are called) at the left side of the photo