Wizard Taro – Episode 2

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Wizard Taro 2Wizard Taro – Episode 2 is the second installment in the Japanese Room Escape series Wizard Taro created by HILG, the author of U Sensor, B Sensor and C Sensor. Good news, this second episode is available in both English and Japanese (well almost). Have fun!

Update: Wizard Taro – Episode 2 walkthrough in comment #29 (thanks Iceman!)

By Eric

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  1. Fire Storm says:


  2. Fire Storm says:

    So far…Show

    but that’s all I can find right now and this game is hard to make sense of!

  3. Totenkopf says:

    use cutting knife on chair, you have a disc that disappear immediately

  4. Totenkopf says:

    found the code to go out of the sliding doors

  5. D says:

    The disc is a pill that you swallowed to become a “chameleon”.

  6. D says:

    I’m sneaking around all the apartments now.

  7. Totenkopf says:

    so far I have:

  8. Totenkopf says:

    found also a remote

  9. D says:

    I’m out! Tohoho End! Whatever that is. I think there is more than one ending.

  10. D says:

    I was able to get the neighbor to move by creating a noise in the next apartment.

  11. D says:

    Oh, I didn’t read your spoiler, toten. Me too. I used the paper in the Show


    Where did you get the remote? I have both batteries.

  12. D says:

    Got the black key.

  13. D says:

    Well, I finished the puzzle and got the Show

    . I still haven’t used the Show

    and I don’t know the code for the door or the computer. I think it has something to do with the Show


    Anyone still playing?

  14. Elikatt says:

    I have only one battery, magnet, knife (used) and pill, any hints?

  15. D says:

    I don’t know where he got it but toten said the code to unlock the sliding glass door is Show

    That should get you moving along.

  16. Andy says:

    The door to unlock the sliding doors is on a plaque in the same room as the black chair. The numbers are pushed together to look like artwork.

  17. Andy says:

    Where did you find the red key?

  18. ellenbtler says:

    I’m way behind you all, but can someone help? I can’t seem to Show

    . Is it a pixel-hunting challenge?

  19. ellenbtler says:

    Never mind, was just using the wrong chair :/

  20. Reka says:

    Um, English? I don’t see any English in this game, and I don’t see an option to switch languages, either. Am I missing something, or is Eric’s description wrong?

  21. Reka says:

    Uh, sliding glass door? There’s a sliding glass door? That you can put numbers into? Really?

  22. fay says:

    hey- can someone please post a walkthrough for those of us who aren’t as gifted in solving logic puzzles and escape the room games? thanks!

  23. Kaly says:

    Where is the black key?

  24. erin says:

    Reka – to get english…just click your mouse on the japanese text and it will change to english.

  25. Andy says:

    Reka – each message actually has Japanese as well as English. Click on the message and hit the scroll wheel on your mouse to read the English version. It likes to switch back to Japanese quite regularly though.

  26. brin3m says:

    it doesn’t change to English

  27. Rbud says:

    Why can’t I find where Show


  28. Reka says:

    Found the sliding glass door: Show

    I’m completely stuck now. Show

    But that’s it. I hear tell of keys and remote controls and whatnot, but I can’t find ANY of that. Show

    I think I’ll give up on the pixel-hunting now. It’s really annoying and confusing that you can only see certain rooms/areas/objects if you come at them from a particular direction – if you try from the other direction, you either can’t do it at all (there’s no arrow pointing the right way), or you go right past it.

  29. Iceman says:



  30. Rbud says:

    Thanks, Reka! That was a big help to me, though I felt silly when I found the door, finally. I could not get the hang of the thing yet, then.

    I have since found out that Show

    I guess Show

    It sounds to me like you haven’t Show

    This apartment that you come out in Show

    This same apartment also has Show

    To put in the batteries, Show

    You use it Show

    I figured all this out for myself once I knew (duh!) how to get out the first sliding glass door, but for Show

    Don’t forget to Show

    Also there are Show

    If you go Show

    You will also see, at some point, Show

    There is also Show

    Here is where I am stuck now, and I know this must have to do with Show

    The only other thing I saw anywhere that sticks in my mind is that Show

    I hope you come back to read all this, and I should have answered you sooner. At least it will help others, right?

  31. Rbud says:

    I also see that while I was writing the above, someone else (Iceman) has posted what looks like a whole walkthough, but I am not going to read it until I have tried it myself past where I was. Plenty of help for all – a good thing, as sometimes one person explains things differently and it will click (no pun intended) better for someone than another explanation, I think.

    I’ll bet congratulations are in order for the Iceman – you must have made it through!?!

  32. Reka says:

    Thanks for the pointers, Rbud! Until I’ve finished a game, I much prefer hints to walkthroughs, and your hint about getting downstairs was just what I needed.

    Note about chestnuts: Show

    Note that your character has to know a code before the game will accept it. I.e. even if you’re playing for the umpteenth time, make sure you look into each apartment to see the number, look at the chairs, etc.

    It seems you can get the perfect end without using some of the codes you find, and without using some of the items in your inventory – in fact, there’s one item you *can’t* use if you want the perfect end: Show

    Eh, yet another small niggle to add to the other faults of this game. The biggest fault is still the confusing navigation, though. Show

    Another nitpick: when you start, you *have* to look at that note in the closet, even though you can’t read a word of it. Before you’ve looked at the note, you can’t even so much as go look at the office. (And I wonder what that other note says, the one that’s taped to the wall where the kitchen ought to be in the first apartment.)

  33. Rbud says:

    Yes, I was really wondering until I Show

    I did finally get out Show

    And I did figure out the Show

    I think it is good to have to go and “see” everything for yourself before you can solve puzzles – though yes it is a pain when you are going through over and over. Too many lazy people will just take the walkthroughs and use all the shortcuts without knowing where or why they have gotten them – That’s just not the spirit of the games, of course – but what can you do?

    Thanks to all for help, see you in other rooms!

  34. goldlox57 says:

    Hey IS anyone on here tonight?. I need help finding the black key . I know Ice’s walkthrough says left black chair . but I clicked all over it and can’t find it..

  35. ReBoot Fan says:

    Dead link to game.