The Domino Knight

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The Domino KnightThe Domino KnightThe Domino Knight is an interesting puzzle game designed by WildSnake Software (Blocky, Shuffle).

The goal of the game is to connect the two starting domino tiles together according to the domino rules. The rules of dominoes state that you have to match the numbers on the dominoes together. In other words, if there is a domino with a one on it then another domino with a one on it can be placed next to it either horizontally or vertically. Players can flip the dominoes using the space bar.

The dominoes are on the side of the screen coming in on a conveyor belt. Players need to put the dominoes on the board before they back up on the conveyor belt and start falling into the trash. Players have an allotted number of free chances, on the first level the chances are five and the chances increase as the level increases, before the game ends. Players also have the option to use a hammer and break the dominoes. Breaking the dominoes that can’t be used prevents them from stacking up on the conveyor belt.

The Domino Knight may sound easy, but it is challenging to get all of the dominoes on the board before they all back up. It is not as easy as just placing the dominoes on the board, because you need to match up the numbers. Sometimes, the dominoes on the conveyor belt can’t be played because they do not match up with anything on the board. The dominoes that can not be played turn a darker white/yellow color and the dominoes that can be played sort of glow white. Players have to manage the dominoes on the conveyor belt and the dominoes on the board.

The Domino Knight is fun and challenging all at the same time. If you are looking for a fun game, check out The Domino Knight.

Have fun!

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