Gold Miner’s Holiday Haul

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Gold Miner's Holiday HaulGold Miner's Holiday HaulGold Miner is back to save the Holidays for all the good boys and girls of the world! Santa has asked Gold Miner for help in recovering lost presents near the North Pole!

Don’t just stay in one place and move around to get a better angle to haul up the best stuff. Click to the left or right of your sled to move.

There is nothing really new or innovative about this game, but Gold Miner is still one of my favorite games ever!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.60


4 Comments to Gold Miner’s Holiday Haul

  1. Reka says:

    Um, I’m getting a little red X where the game is supposed to be. Is there a typo in the link, or is it down?

  2. ca says:

    i’m getting the same thing.

  3. Eric says:

    Reka, ca – Thanks for alerting us! The link works now with IE! Sorry about that!

  4. Julia says:

    this is Great…BUT…why are the graphics SO SMALL? No matter what link there is for the grame…it is small. Also…the claw moves slowly…and it is not my computer or my internet…I have cable modem (Comcast Highspeed) and a 2.0gigRam, 3.22gighd, Windows XPPro 64 on 64 platform. Levels are too short or few.

    Otherwise it is cool.