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SlidonSlidonSlidon is a puzzle game created by Yoshio Ishii, the author of the excellent Hoshi Saga series.

You have to remove pairs of identical tiles in Slidon, which is reminiscent of Mahjong. But unlike in Mahjong, identical tiles must be next to each other to be removed. To do so, you can slide any visible tile horizontally or vertically.

Hold your left mouse button when the pointer is over any tile to select it and then choose the direction to slide the tile. A sliding tile stops when it hits the edge of the board or any other tile.

Each board must be cleared in a limited number of moves to progress to the next stage. The faster your clear the board the higher the bonus points awarded. Don’t forget to use the delete option to get ride of unmatched tiles.

Slidon is a nice puzzler; my only grip is that there are only 10 levels available: the eleventh level is the same as the first one, the twelfth level is the same as the second one, and so on.

That aside, this game is certainly worth playing, at least once.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.33


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