Mission to Mars

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Mission to MarsMission to Mars is the latest Puzzle/Plateform game created by Mateusz Skutnik where you play an alien detective on the surface of Mars trying to unravel a mystery of cosmic proportions. Can you solve each of the 15 mission levels and uncover the final secret in Mission to Mars? Have fun!

By Eric

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7 Comments to Mission to Mars

  1. NetMonster says:

    Is there a secret to beat level 6 or do I just keep trying to jump over the lazer obstacles?

  2. Andy says:

    It’s basically a matter of jumping over the lazers. Show

    It’s also kinda tricky to get over the white lazer, but, again, it’s possible.

  3. .*. says:

    finished it. Was there some kind of mystery to be unlocked? I hit the warp on lv.15 and it took me back into ship where I had the options to “save score” or go back to menu. I think I got 2600 something points. Is that it?

    Not even, like, a boss or something?

  4. klkl says:

    how do you do level 3

  5. mmr says:

    help for level 14

  6. mmr says:


  7. LLL says:

    im stuck on level three!