Chain Factor

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Chain FactorChain FactorChain Factor is a Puzzle game designed “as a labor of love by people who are tired of slaving in the salt mines of big-budget, mainstream game development.”

The object here is to clear all of the discs off the board, or just try to survive as long as possible if you can’t achieve that. Make discs disappear by having their number match the size of their row or their column.

Use your mouse to drop a disc. The games end when a column reaches to top of the board. Check the game’s FAQ page for further details.

Chain factor is fun and instantly addictive. The game is still in Beta and some error messages occur from time to time.

That being said, if you like numbers and if you start playing it, you will soon try to beat your best score over and over. You’ve been forewarned!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50


4 Comments to Chain Factor

  1. [email protected] Kong says:

    Alright, the game is quite good, and also ADDICTIVE~

    Not too difficult at all.

    Everybody, enjoy it~

  2. .*. says:

    the game is nice, but what’s really intriguing to me is all the behind-the-scenes information in the forums, especially the stuff pertaining to unlocking the powers in power mode. I don’t understand it, but it’s very neat.

  3. BoomBoxer says:

    i dun unds how to play the game. no instructions in it either. sad. i jus clicked and it jus burst and burst. lol

  4. run*rabbit says:

    dang, that is pretty addictive!

    I only play Power mode, but my girlfriend is sold on Survival mode. It is nice to find a game that we both like, but in slightly different ways. Very cool, and great sound!