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ZWoKZWoKZWoK is the first multiplayer Flash game reviewed at Free Games News. Developed by Bloc Media, also known as Bloc Games, the team behind Pop Pirates, this Worms-like strategy oriented game involves two 3-players teams, Blooz versus Grienz, that compete against each other in a deadly fight where the winner team is the one with at least one standing zwok.

Before you can start playing, you will have to register: to create your character, enter first you user name and your password (and a valid email address to confirm your registration), customize your avatar and select the team you will be representing.

After completing the registration process, you’re all set to go! You will join a randomly selected team by the server and then enter in a 10 seconds rounds battle: once a round begin, you have only 10 seconds to move your zwok with the arrow keys and then select the angle and the power for your weapon’s projectile. When the countdown ends, all the remaining zwoks on the battle field start moving and then fire on their opponents. If your zwok hits an opponent (or more), you will earn points relative to the damages inflicted. Each zwok starts the battle with 100 hit points. Being injured by enemies projectiles will decrease your total number of hit points. After gaining experience by scoring points, new projectiles will become available.

With ZWoK, Bloc Media has launched a truly amazing and addictive, easy-to-play multiplayer game! With gorgeous graphics and animations, no doubt that a lot of players will spend hours with this one: just have a look to the high-score table to see what I mean! Another true jewel! Have fun!

Note: Use the Quick Play option if you don’t want to register, but your progress won’t be saved in the Hi-score table if you do so. This game is available in a dozen of different European languages!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


8 Comments to ZWoK

  1. jamie says:

    this game is so stupid that some might not even enjoy it, aside from being totally emo it is jammed packed with glitches and in mine and many cases kicks me out for “not achieving multiplayer standards”, but it works for you hey good for that but youll probably find many as you play

  2. lowlevel says:

    Have not had any problems with it so far besides taking a few minutes to log in a few times. Great simple interface once you get the hang of it – remember to single click and leave alone to select your trajectory. Easy to get killed in two rounds until you figure out what is going on, but very rewarding when you get the hang of it.

    And you should really log in. It tracks your score that way, and besides the obvious new ammo you get access to different character models. Just edit your character every few weeks to see if you have anything new. It also seems that your character changes size with skill and/or experience.

  3. zwok hardcore says:

    its a good game they have got multiple new weps now and different lvls rockl had no trouble either with game

  4. That Dude Again says:

    A fun game for wasting a bit of time.

  5. HaHa U Suk says:

    The glitches have been fixed. They took out the stupid chat thing, and the game plays flawlessly now, even on a slow connection.

    tip#1 You can hit and be hit by your teammates. If your team mate is standing still and you hit him, be prepared to get bricked, or worse.

    tip#2 Don’t stand in the valleys. Rollers roll downhill, and bouncers bounce downhill. Sounds simple, but no one seems to get it.

    Tip# 3 Use trick shots to cover more surface area and score more hits/points per throw.

    tip# 4 If you see me, run away or you will die… slowly and embarrassingly.

  6. Travis says:

    i just scored 5,071 points in one game no cheats!!! (username:freakyreaper)

  7. Hurensohn says:

    THE GAME IS NOT MULTIPLAYER. The creators FAKED IT. You can pause the game by simply right-clicking. The bots are way too stupid and have stupid names. Crap, would be a nice game…..

    • Mordeth says:

      I know for a fact that zwok is a true multiplayer game because one day me and two friends on three different computers in the same room played together. All we had to do was say “1, 2, 3, go” and click “enter arena” at just about the same time. It worked, and we played zwok together for hours. Maybe some are bots, but you don’t only play against bots. This is made clear when some players clearly are new with nothing but normal shots while others are making very good shots with bouncers, clusters, rollers, spanerz, and bricks. This response is not meant to answer you, but simply to inform others.