Galactic Gravity Golf

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Galactic Gravity GolfGalactic Gravity GolfGalactic Gravity Golf is the latest game released by Armagelo and is available at Armorgames. The object of the game is to play golf, but in the universe! More precisely, you will have to use your skill and judgment to curl a ball around planets to reach a black hole. Use the arrow keys to adjust the angle and power of your shot and then press space to release the ball. Don’t forget the Newton’s law of universal gravitation!

There are many different ways to reach the black hole for each level, and a tiny difference in the power or angle can literally change the trajectory of your ball. Reach the black hole in one move to get an extra bonus! Each level has a par between 2 and 10, and a bonus will be added to your score if you managed to reach the black hole under the par. Try to get fuel power-ups to control the speed and direction of your ball while moving (with the arrow keys). Collect gems and multipliers to get higher scores.

Difficulty is really well managed and increases gradually through the 36 levels available, with moving planets, wormholes, bumpers and other nice features in later levels. Graphics and animations are gorgeous and the authors did a great job with the soundtrack, including two different background music themes, “NutzDog –Dnb” and “Spacey”, the second one being much more relaxing and groovy than the first one. Use the ‘M’ key to toggle between the different themes or to turn music off.

Galactic Gravity Golf includes level passwords (use the ‘P’ key to input a password at any time), so you won’t have to solve any level more than once if you want to end the game. That being said, there is no time limit or any maximum number of attempts per level. A new really exciting and fun game that you should easily be able to end within half an hour. Have fun!

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