Warbears – Mission 3

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Warbears - Mission 3Warbears - Mission 3WarBears is an excellent series of Point’n’Click games created by the Italian programmer Gionatan Iasio, and the third mission is finally available on Gionatan’s website, Warbears.com.

In Mission 3, An Oceanic Problem, “An S.O.S. signal was received from the Gas Platform in the Great Ocean! A new enemy surfaced with an evil plan. Will the Warbears be able to stop them?”

Use your mouse over the different Warbears and choose between the actions available. There is no restart button in this new mission, and you will to reach a checkpoint if you want to save your progress.

At the beginning of the year, the author was planning to release a new mission every other month: we had to wait over 10 months (!) to enjoy this new episode, but it was really worth the wait!

Have fun!

Update: Warbears – Mission 3 walkthrough in comment #38 (thanks Mike and nitrox!) 

By Eric

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57 Comments to Warbears – Mission 3

  1. Pete says:

    nvm walkthrough forgot to mention Show

  2. Rayray says:

    I cant move Ryoh over to attach the clamps or whatever i did everything in order

  3. Cathbhadh says:

    wheres the crane tools compartment?
    some of the stuff in the walkthrough isnt working, like the crane, and i cant move Ryoh to the left he just jumps back to the floatation

  4. N e o says:

    I’m on the 2’ed part and I can’t figure out how to Show

  5. df says:

    I got a D and 101:15 for my time i was mad because i had 83%

  6. john says:

    does anybody know how to go to the next part after the bears get suck in to the machine. also where’s ryoh

  7. jordan says:

    where’s the walkthrough