Only the best online free games!

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After spending days surfing on the Web, trying to play with really nice online games, I realized how difficult it is to find some good stuff today, regarding the incredible number of web sites offering free games.

Did you ever feel disappointed after testing dozen of games, without finding anyone of real interest?

Well, I did! And as I wasn’t able from now to find any website offering only the best games, I’ve just decided to jump in and create this place for your convenience, and of course, for mine.

Trying to find some good stuff on the Web is a pretty cool game by itself, but it can lead to a long journey: I hope to be back soon with some good experiences to share…



2 Comments to Only the best online free games!

  1. osmodiar says:

    Eric, you are awesome. I decided to go back to the beginning and see where you started. I love your site, I think you do an excellent job of selecting and mini-reviewing games.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Osmodiar for your kind words, I do really appreciate!

      I’ve just checked FGN’s stats: 5000+ games posted at the time of writing, over 120,000 comments and 411,000 spams.

      Could you believe that?