Cube Core

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Cube CoreCube CoreDid you enjoy Sphere Core? Here is its sequel, Cube Core, the second Room Escape game created by John Feltham.

“It has felt like an eternity since leaping into the darkness. The stark walls, the flickering lights, the strange technology, the twisted puzzles, it has left many questions in my mind. Yet, I awake to find myself in yet another room. However this one is different from the last – the room is dimly illuminated, save from a soft glow of light coming from one side of the room. What is the source of the light? How am I to get out of this room?

All I have on me is the revolting frozen embryo that I found in the Sphere Core. What secrets does it hold?”

The author promises that this sequel offers more puzzles, more experimentation, hopefully less buggy and more fun. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the TAB key is still your friend in this one!

Have fun!

Source: Nordinho.

Update: Cube Core walkthrough in comment #27 (thanks snowman!)

By Eric

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77 Comments to Cube Core

  1. Brødrister says:

    One of the greatest games I’ve ever played…

  2. jennison94 says:

    i don’t get it, i’m pressing 5 a’s and 3 g’s and 2 t’s but it still says “the genetic material failed to produce anything”. help??

  3. jennison94 says:

    nevermind… it makes sense now. this game is cool

  4. Johnakisk says:


    i put the mog-rat and the depleted power core and i push the green button but nothing happens!!!

    what should i do?

  5. Johnakisk says:


    i solved it!!!

    i had to use all the pipes to make the way !!!

    i was using the 3/4 of them ^_^

  6. TJ says:

    Help! I’ve got all the way to the end and can’t seem to put the key in the lock. How do I do it? :S

  7. TJ says:

    Update: I’ve done it! :D I put the key back in the inventory, picked it up again and it worked! :S

  8. Joey says:

    cant get out of room dont know how

  9. idioit says:

    how do u get out of the rooms??

  10. Goukakyuu says:

    Hmmm , Sphere Core – Cube Core – Prism Core – ???? Core

  11. Goukakyuu says:

    The Tube Part


    I may be wrong by the way , im not good at walkthroughs so dun insult me -_-..

  12. lulu mulu says:

    I DID IT! YAY!!!! this is the first ‘escape room’ i have ever done!

  13. DragonKnight says:

    This game rocks =)
    I like the part about the brick door stuff , it sort of stumped me there.
    But Overall , this game is one of the best I ever played !!

  14. Goukakyuu says:

    NOW ! Its time for the FULL walkthrough O_o (Took long enough)


    Done and BB

  15. Ana says:

    I charged the power core up full, but cant find how to open the iris. Help!!!

  16. Ana says:

    Ha ha,im out. thank god.

  17. Creaminator says:

    I think this will be an easier walkthrough for this game. I won’t use big words!


  18. Luvved It says:

    Those mog-rats were the bomb!

  19. SuzieGirl64 says:

    What a brilliant game! Best I’ve played yet. Maybe because I could work most of it out myself….! The only thing I had to look up was the code from the pipes. I have not a clue what kind of sadistic minds go in to making up most room escape games (or those who manage to solve them unaided!!) This one made logical sense which helped me a lot. Thanks very much Mr Feltham! I’m looking forward to playing the next game of yours x

  20. Zeena says:

    I’ve gone through the whole thing and I got the old key but when I open the door, I can’t get out. There’s a brick wall behind this door and it says no exit. Did anyone else get this? Or did I miss something?

  21. Sera says:


  22. michelle says:

    my mol thingy wont run through n i made the pipes go from the bottom left to the top right

  23. Toothpick Badger says:

    cool game easyish but very entertaining loved it and only needed a little help lol!!!

  24. Celeste says:


  25. L337 H4X0RDUD3 P3R50N says:

    i don’t know where to get the key?!?!
    but this was the best escape game I’ve ever played

  26. JTEliteMarine says:

    Wow I love the Core games. How many are there? I know there’s more than 3.