Deep Chamber

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Deep ChamberDeep ChamberDeep Chamber is a brand new Room Escape game created by Patrick Majewski from Australia, or more precisely a “mini trapped puzzle chamber” that took the author around on week to produce.

You will love this one: no language barrier (in fact no language at all), no safe to open, no code to find, no walkthrough needed. It shouldn’t take you long before you escape the Deep Chamber!

Have fun!

Edit: Deep Chamber walkthrough in comment #1 (thanks Sarah!)

By Eric

current rating 2.60


29 Comments to Deep Chamber

  1. Sarah says:



    Congratulations, you’re out!!

  2. dubbers says:

    That would have been a great first chapter, but too short to be a game, and way too easy.

  3. otacsaf says:

    Not bad. It was better than that stupid roof top escape. Just needed some more things to do.

  4. jj says:

    i hate these games where somebody wants to missionize you!!!! please leave that for church or other religous plattform!

  5. Alexandra says:

    I hated it! Was it supposed to be scary?

  6. Alexandra says:

    Bludy boring. It was the *******.

  7. Mandolin says:


  8. robyn says:

    o my god thank you so much u r really helpful

  9. .*. says:

    Like so many room escape games, this one lacks one important detail. It fails to make sense on a basic level. What is up with the pulsing, membraneous door-wall?
    then when you add the missionary message at the end, it’s even more annoying.
    So far, the best escapes I have seen are probably the Afro Ninja series, especially the phone booth, because there is some logic involved, instead of just clicking randomly on spots of a featureless wall or !!!Giving a mushroom to a door!!! (seriously, WTF?)
    Ok. Good to have that off my chest.

  10. Jen the Jester says:

    Mmmm, i think it was funny, a bit creepy with that moving wall and the black creatures. :D

    Too bad it was so short. And I didn’t like the whole jezus story after it. Why would they make a game like that?
    I just want to see if i can get out of that room…

  11. M;anatppai n says:

    i wouldn’t say it’s bad, it’s actually excellent! It is the first Beginner escape game I’ve ever played and i can recommend it to others that wants to do an escape, but dunno how its dun
    Although its quite easy ill give it 4/5 stars

  12. Vido says:

    How do i get behind the box?

  13. lukemantis says:

    that missionary message at the end was annoying i think i’ll become a scientologist

  14. Jack says:

    hmm deep chamber its a bit hard i only the wooden i place on top of 2 wooden and the rest i dunno please show deep chamber walkthrough please!

  15. Jack says:

    ok thanks sarah for the walkthrough i show it to godlimations deep chamber walkthrough :D

  16. mr man says:

    This game rocks

  17. Pete says:

    lol wtf? definately not enuf. didnt rly like the ending tho. “Christ will come again, not to bear sin but to bring salvation…” wat the? i thought this was a room escape, not a room escape to get converted to christianity… lol. ah well it was alright but wtf were them black things? building the ladder concept is prbly implying building a ‘ladder to heaven’ and outside its like black things r demons prbly. i aint playing nemore games made by christians. 5/10

  18. isabelle says:



  19. rommel says:

    O.O what the ladder?

  20. penny says:

    i have 8 planks of wood 2 spears where do i have to build my ladder to excape

  21. brandon says:

    how do you win this

  22. cw says:

    Well, I usually have to at least peek at the walkthrough, but this one was so lame I didn’t, and I finished in just a few minutes. Proselytizing ‘jesus’ message at the end was just annoying.

  23. shdee says:

    Godlimations is simply keeping with their mission statement. I would call that integrity – whether you like the message or not.

  24. Andy says:

    i dont get wut the door with the beating heart iz but great game though!

  25. Beckiie xx says:

    Walkthrough here! Click this Show

    I am an athiest and therefor didn’t like the ending, otherwise quite fun. But way too short.

  26. cedric says:

    thanks ahhh at last i escaped that nasty chamber…

  27. annalise says:

    i have mad a ladder but it looks like a piece is missing and i cant seem to get the wall down x HELP

  28. Luther says:

    not the best escape but not the worst either. liked the message at the end. the company name, GODlimations, should have told you that they where Christians, so it doesn’t make sense for people to complain about it. BTW proselytizing isn’t telling people what you believe, it’s trying to get someone to leave his church for yours. they are just stating there mission, like the ASPCA states there mission to save animals and the Salvation Army states there mission to help homeless people.

  29. llouna says:

    =S !! clickin a mushroom on the “door” ?? ohh plzz !!! wth !! horrible game ! the best escapes games are Rupert’s adventures ! 2keysgames amazing !!