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WishWishWish is new interesting Japanese Room Escape game, in which you can select two characters to play with, Takumi, the boy, and Miki, his sister. Miki isn’t strong enough to perform certain tasks and Takumi is too big to reach some useful stuff…

Your goal here seems to find five tokens and use them on the door’s Pentagram.

Nicely done, Wish would certainly appeals to a lot of Room Escape games fans if it wasn’t all written in Japanese. The language barrier makes things difficult: don’t expect to get clues to solve the puzzle on the door if you don’t read Japanese! Of course you can try brute force method approach: there are only 600 possible (if I calculated right) combinations ;-)

Have fun!

Update: Wish walkthrough in comment #27 (thanks Mint!) 

By Eric

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31 Comments to Wish

  1. foodleface says:


  2. foodleface says:

    hard to play if you dont know chinese
    5 coins go on star
    i onli have one

    all i have is

  3. Ayla says:

    use box cutter on the pillow from the bed,you’ll see a note .

  4. Nick says:

    I found a second coin

  5. Nick says:

    and coin number three is:

    still can’t get the coin by the wardrobe….damn

  6. ashley says:


  7. ashley says:


  8. ashley says:


  9. tinah says:

    You can change between the boy and the girl, some things change then too…

  10. tinah says:

    for the drawer-code at the bed:

  11. ellenbtler says:

    I can’t get the code on the nightstand to work.

  12. tinah says:

    to use the code at the doors of the nightstand

    has anyone an idea in which order you have to put the 5 coins into the star at the door????

  13. Nick says:

    for the coin in the clock

  14. renee says:


  15. renee says:


  16. KissKissKitty says:

    how do i put the coins in the door? o__ô

  17. jessa says:

    um….is the game okay?? cuz im realy scared playing escape games….like, when i wasz on the computer once, after i won my 2nd escap game without help, eek!! a scary face showed up, and now im terrified, plz overcome my fears!!!!! i always get my mom to help me but she always watches tv!! someone plz, plz, help me overcome my fears!!! pweety please wit a cherry on top?? ^-^

  18. jessa says:

    how do u put the code near the nightstand…i tried it like, 7 times!!! i can’t get it right! someone tell me how to do it right…. -.-

  19. Mokokauwae says:

    The coins are Show

    I just guessed it.

  20. nina says:

    i know how 2 get the diamond one use the code from the tv to the nightstand ull get a rode use that to get the coin

  21. nina says:

    i cnt get the monky cooin

  22. wifee615 says:

    how do you get the coin by the wardrobe?

  23. kleuz says:

    coin behind wardrobe: Show

  24. Jody says:

    i can’t get the monkey coin!!

  25. Tommy K says:

    i cant get the monkey token can som1 help me

  26. lilly says:

    do you need to use a glove for the pillow? well if somebody would help me that would be great lilly trzalski

  27. Mint says:


    Get 5 coins for the door…













    Tada!! and you are out!! xD

  28. someone who needs HELP!!! (on this game) says:

    in #26 when you are telling us to click the monkeys left foot do you mean click the fooot that is actually our left or our right and its just left because of the way he is facing us.

  29. shaz says:

    ok im having same problems with the monkey.was clicking the left paw as u look at monekey,but when i clicked right one and around top bit near hand and tail i got the coin

  30. Raika says:

    Hey guys. Before you get the Monkey Coin you have to


    And then you click somewhere around the tail and the paw and the foot. I found that out at Nordinho after getting to the point where I wanted to hurl the computer across the room (which wouldn’t have been good since I’m at school right now :P )

  31. nade says:

    finished thanx to Riaka about monkey hint :), but got End 1, anyone know how many other ends there are and how to get them