Another Box of Hotcorn

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Another Box of HotcornAnother Box of HotcornThree weeks only after the release of Hotcorn, Stephen Harris brings us a sequel!

“We listened to some of the criticisms of Hotcorn and we’ve responded by making even more of the same. That said, we’ve added a much needed normal and hard difficulty levels, made the fireman move a bit snappier, and generally tried to make the levels less hard and more fun” the author said.

Your goal here is still to cook and pop as many pop corn pieces as you can in the time allowed. Get the minimum needed to pass each level.

Is this sequel better than the original? Let us know what you think.

Have fun!

Update: Another Box of Hotcorn walkthrough in comment #61 (thanks Taurus!)

By Eric

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169 Comments to Another Box of Hotcorn

  1. Kelbee says:

    Level 29? Help!

  2. HELP ME PLEASE. says:

    LEVEL 45. I DID AL THE OTHER ONES IN A DAY. I’VE BEEN STUCK ON THIS ONE FOR A YEAR. A FREAKING YEAR. does anyone have any tips other than ‘be really fast’????? or any tips on how to be fast???? i have trouble getting around the corners. once the explosion clears, i realize im only on the first or second row when i thought i was at the bottom. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LAYLA says:

    level 23 omg help me pleASE

  4. gorge says:

    i cant do 23 help me!!!!!!!!Show

  5. Daija says:

    i Need Help On Level 35 overtake 2

  6. kalliyah says:

    LEVEL 23!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

  7. hey dude says:

    Level 25 over take 2 help needed

  8. anglie says:

    level 23 its impossible!! help me!

  9. Lexi says:

    28!!!!! help me!!!!!!

  10. adfa says:

    lvl 3 is impossible!

    • adfa sucks says:

      if you cant beat level three you should just stop playing and go play go dora go …maybe u cant beat that … THERE’S NO… I REPEAT NOOO HOPE FOR YOU!!!

  11. adfa says:


  12. Jameson A says:

    LEVEL 10!!! HELPPP!!!

  13. sandria665 says:

    LEVEL 31!!!HELPPP!!!how do u get past the metal???(three little pigs)

  14. TashTak says:

    How Do I Do Level 9?!!!!!! Please Help Me.

  15. LIVY says:

    ok i feel like and idiot. i cant get myself past level 13…. >__< fml help?