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HotcornHotcornHotcorn is the latest game designed by Stephen Harris, the creator of the famous Bloons series.

Hotcorn is a skill game in which you have to pop popcorn as quickly as possible while leaving as few unpopped kernels as possible! Use your mouse to control the fireball character. Avoid butter that slows you down, and water that stops you!

Hotcorn features 50 levels and is a challenging game: some levels are very hard to complete! Your progress is automatically saved and your score is carried over from session to session, so you can go back and replay earlier levels to try and improve your total score.

Hotcorn is definitely not as good as Bloons, but still another amusing game from Ninjakiwi!

Have fun!

By Eric

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78 Comments to Hotcorn

  1. georgiaa ox says:

    hiyaa peopless. can uu please help me on level -26.mercey me.
    itss reallyy hard lol. i found the rest easyy. but this on iss like rockkk hard.

  2. DeJai says:

    anyone have any helpful tips on level 41?

  3. DeJai says:

    georgiaa ox… go straight for the helper ball… it will stay on top then you go down and get as many as you can and it will come help after its done.

  4. Mat says:

    How do you beat level 37. The ball just fades and you don’t have enough water power to get to the rest of the popcorn. HELP!! THANKS:D

  5. bran flakes says:

    34 anybody?????

  6. anjali says:

    Hey okay so for 16 its really easy i was having troubles with it too.. what you have to do is Show

  7. anjali says:

    make sure for 25, you dont Show

  8. anjali says:

    for level 26 its easy all you do is first get the red ball, and then let it get as many seeds as it can while you help it get seeds too and you can beat it as fast as you can!

  9. anjali says:

    just like keep tryinggg for 26..
    while the red ball gets the top seeds
    you should try and get all the seeds on the bottom
    and then quickly as soon as you finish getting all the seeds from the bottom
    try and get them from the top.. like trust me its possible

  10. anjali says:

    hey you guys want help on 6 and 24, okay well for level 6 is VERY VERY VERY easy all you do is get the fire thing and it’ll make the sun very big and then you just get all the seeds before the time runs out! for level 24 what i did was i very carefully, tried to pass through the crack of the yellow circle and the blue ice and touched the gas can and then it blew up a part of the ice, then i quickly moveed back and tuoched the ice ball and i turned into ice and went through the ice and got all of the seeds avoiding the yellow part as fast as i could!

  11. anjali says:


  12. Bran Flakes says:

    how about 38? 38 anybody???

  13. Indigo says:

    Level 46 isn’t as difficult as one may think.


  14. Baby88 says:

    Pls pls can sum1 help me with lvl 43. I have been on it for ages.

  15. helena says:

    i need help with level 24

  16. Lucy says:

    Help me,

    37 is a killer… 2 petrol tanks and lightnings but lots of yellow areas and only 4 seconds to complete it in… any ideas will be MUCH appreacheated!! x

  17. hi says:

    help level 16!!!!

  18. Melisa says:

    i need help with level 41 someone pleas help..

  19. Chewy says:

    Gahh level 16, no idea Dx

  20. Chewy says:

    ok, everytime i play this game, and i love it, but i frikken lagg, causing me to mess up Dx

  21. jessica says:

    hey i dont understand level 16

  22. Sarah says:

    Uggg. How do I do level 41?
    I can’t get it.

  23. bobobbobo says:

    lvl 43

  24. Amyyy says:

    Help! Stuck on number 25!

  25. ALEXIS says:


  26. lucy says:

    i cant pass level 12

  27. Anonymous says:

    i need help on level 10

  28. Emily says:

    i need help with level 41 i cant get past it someone needs to help!!!… its sooo hard please help