Dona Room 3 – Bathroom Escape

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Dona Room 3Dona Room 3After Dona Room and Dona Room 2, here is Dona Room 3 a brand new Room Escape game released by the Japanese developer Noaki Nakashima.

You spent some time trying to figure out how to escape from a bedroom in Dona Room, then how to escape from a kitchen in Dona Room 2, it’s time now to figure out how to escape from a bathroom!

Dona Room 3 is all written in Japanese but the language barrier is not really a problem here…

Enjoy and have fun!

Update: Dona Room 3 walkthrough in comment #36 (thanks gandalf!)

By Eric

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90 Comments to Dona Room 3 – Bathroom Escape

  1. otacsaf says:

    my door code was 066. nice game.

  2. pinkpanter says:

    I put colors as I see things:

    but the mirror dosn’t open. Is there anything else I should do?

  3. Tarik says:

    hour is dark green

  4. littlekatie says:

    i didn’t exactly understand the toothbrush thing…i knew the circle and the star, but i just started to put in random numbers for the square until i got it…but i escaped finally

  5. inrild says:

    Hey.. What are the colours for the cupboard?

  6. inrild says:

    Here is a BIG BIG idea of what you gotta do. this is

  7. blah says:

    When I put the Show

  8. Butane says:

    If you keep the photo it is taped to the stats at the end of the game. If you flush the photo down the toilet you see a pic of a mouse from the last game standing on the photo in a sewer.

  9. me says:

    For those who just have to guess with the toothbrushes….


  10. LARKO says:


  11. me says:

    Again with the toothbrushes


  12. hah-hoo-ha says:

    lol, at the end its a coubard and theres a note in japenese
    how annoying!!
    anyone here japanese??
    lol :)

  13. na bro says:

    this game isnt working bro

  14. Planck says:

    The note in the end says something like (loosely translated):


  15. jesse says:

    it wont let me get to the tooth brush behind the sink! any help?

  16. jesse says:

    where are all the tooth brushes and how many are there

  17. K-A-Dilla says:

    . . . i opened the door, y does it lead to a closet?

  18. Kole says:

    How do you find out your cirlce number it makes no sense

  19. stacy says:

    it wont let me into the mirror to put the toothbrushes in

  20. dhani says:

    My Door number 654
    Is it already out? Just get a note in japenese!!
    Anyone know the meaning? :lol:

  21. nicka says:

    when you done everything look up ;D

  22. jes says:

    i can’t figure out the mirror combination and i tried sarita’s hint and it still didnt work…can somebody plz help me? also i cant put the soap down what do i do with it?

  23. Theresa says:

    To get out of the closet…

  24. zandra says:

    for all those who never figured out the color code you can now escape the bathroom the color code is: Show

    i made it all by myself yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Richard says:

    H – our = Hour (Color on Hour Hand)
    H – ot = Hot (Color on Hot Faucet Knob)
    H – eart = Heart (Color of heart on Curtain)
    H – igh = High (Color on Toilet Squirter Knob)

  26. Jay chia says:

    GOSH,STUCKED AT THE NUMVER PAD….dots….lol…for me the star is 9,the circle is triangle +triangle right?thats for me is 1+4=5,then i can’t figure out the SQUARE!!!damm it,so hard,what +and 5…lols,STUCKED TOTALLY!!!

  27. GeOrgiina says:

    What Is The Faucet.. How DO You Get It Because ii Been Searchin FOr Ages FOr It..?!*

  28. kat says:

    still stuck on the stupid mirror and yes i have read previous walkthroughs and comments but no joy!
    i’ve inputted the colours as per all the previous comments – anyone else having the same problem????

  29. kat says:

    scrap my last post! – i refreshed the whole thing and seems to be working!!

  30. im not giving u my name says:

    What does the letter say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. jennifer says:

    hey none of the numbers work i need help

  32. DJ says:

    for endgame, see comment #64. Note the last part, it indicates that you are underground. So…once you’ve gotten through the door and read the note in the bucket, look up at the ceiling!

  33. Emily says:

    arg, could anyone please translate the note?

  34. SuperX says:

    There a bug for this game, maybe only happends to me.

    U can actually click bottom right corner of the DOOR and gain access to the note, after viewing the notes (open and read it), the DOOR will actually unlocked and can click on roof for escape.

    Anyone havning same result ???

  35. kay chick99 says:

    hey guys… wats the meaning of ‘square number’ and get the toothpaste, how do you get it???

  36. kay chick99 says:

    never mind, i got it

  37. Banana says:

    i cant get the mirror off the cupboard! please someone help me!

  38. caitlin says:

    hi i like theese games

  39. Manic says:

    Were is the Walktrough???? Grrrrr… :]

  40. panini from chowder says: